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Love in the Wild by Emma Castle - Audio Book Tour

Author: Emma Castle

Narrators: Shane East, Lucy Rivers

Length: 9 hours 25 minutes

Publisher: Emma Castle Books

Released: Dec. 30, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A sensual, powerful, and thought-provoking Tarzan retelling. Eden Matthews stumbled upon the discovery of a lifetime while photographing wildlife deep in the heart of Africa.... A gorgeous god of a man living in the wilds of the African jungle among a family of gorillas.... When he saves her life, she’s compelled to uncover the man’s tragic past and the fate that led him to grow up in the wild. But Eden soon learns she can take man from the wild, but she can’t take the wild out of the man.... When her savage savior soon shows her just what he wants of her...her sensual surrender...she finds she can’t resist him teaching her how to the wild.
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Emma Castle has always loved reading but didn’t know she loved romance until she was enduring the trials of law school. She discovered the dark and sexy world of romance novels and since then has never looked back! She loves writing about sexy, alpha male heroes who know just how to seduce women even if they are a bit naughty about it. When Emma’s not writing, she may be obsessing over her favorite show Supernatural where she’s a total Team Dean Winchester kind of girl!
Narrator Bio
 Hailing from London, Shane's Brit accent frequently tops Audible’s bestseller list and is a favourite amongst romance’s top authors. He's a multi Audie Awards nominee, Earphones winner, and has been crowned romance narrator of the year by Audiofile Magazine, The Romantic Times and SOVAS. Fans enjoy his work so much they’ve even started a fan club called the Shaneiaks (on Facebook). When not recording you can find him in the kitchen cooking up a storm.
Narrator Bio
 Lucy Rivers is a seasoned romance narrator, with Audie Award nominations, Earphone wins and a dedicated (and delightful!) fan base. When she’s not in the booth purring into a mic, she spends her time exploring back roads on her Harley and snuggling with her pussy…cat.
Dream Cast 
  It’s every author’s dream to imagine their story in movie form and one of the best part is casting the roles for their characters. Below is a list of people I feel would best showcase the characters of my modern day Tarzan Retelling romance novel Love in the Wild.

Thorne – Our gorgeous, jaw dropping alpha male hero who is both intensely physical and sensual while also carrying a sense of innocence about him that endears him to everyone, yet he’s still bada** enough to fight off a lion and tame an elephant. I can think of no better actor to play both the jungle man and the refined British hero than
Henry Cavill. Link

Eden – The brave and compassionate photojournalist is a match to her male jungle hero. She needs to be lovely without being too delicate or too overly fake. She’s a natural beauty and a woman with real curves and a healthy outlook on life physically and mentally.
Jennifer Lawrence would make the perfect Eden. Link

Bwanbale – This is the native Ugandan man who completes the trinity of souls that make up the primary characters of Love in the Wild. He is just as important to the story as Thorne and Eden and I could think of no better person to play him than
Don Cheadle. Bwanbale is the mind of this story, while Eden is the heart and Thorne is the soul. Don Cheadle would play Bwanbale’s quiet patience and gentle compassion mixed with a fierce protectiveness for those he loves. He is the man who brings Thorne into the modern world and shows him the beautiful and modern side of Africa while reuniting Thorne with Eden. Link

Archibald Holt – This is the villain of the story. He’s harsh and deadly. He’s cold and calculating and everything we’re meant to avoid in life. He’s full of greed and obsession for more. Nothing he has is ever enough. He’s always questing for more wealth, more power and he takes lives easily because they are simply in the way.
Andy Serkis plays the perfect villain with depth and I believe he would make an amazing Holt. Link 

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