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Reflections of an Anxious African American Dad by Eric L. Heard - Book Tour

What every parent – no matter what race – should read to their own kids…

By Eric L. Heard

Author: Eric L. Heard
Publisher: IUniverse
Pages: 93
Genre: Memoir


The purpose of this book is an awkward discussion of Eric Heard’s life to his son. He talks about his life in a candid way that tries to explain his anxiety as an African American dad. It is an open and honest account of his life through the life of a child that has been through a lot in his life. It is a reflection on his life that has been shaped by his childhood experiences.


“The book shines in its portrayal of systemic issues through the eyes of a child caught up in centuries of racism while living in an era of unprecedented change. It shows how, for instance, marginalized people don’t suddenly stand as equals to the rest of society after changes in legislation. Segregation was still the norm in the community Heard grew up in and many doors remained closed to African Americans” – Tomah,

“Eric L. Heard’s REFLECTIONS OF AN ANXIOUS AFRICAN AMERICAN DAD has a touching premise and strong central idea,…….”~PF Matthews for IndieReader   

“Reflections of an Anxious African American Dad by Eric Heard is a heartfelt, vulnerable, and uplifting memoir.” – Sheena Monin, Luminosity Media Group

This episode jolted me into making another connection between my childhood and how I was acting as a parent with my son. I would take actions to ensure that what had haunted our family tree for generations would not happen to him. I knew it would require some radical steps. One of those actions was writing a book that he can share with his family after I leave this earth. When he thinks about the times I would not go with him to the baseball game or to his school assembly, this book will provide the answers when he reads between the lines.

 I hope this book will help others who don’t have their stories told anywhere in media. There are other African American men dealing with their childhood experiences and wanting to insulate their sons and daughters from the echoes and continued grasp of systematic racism. I grew up during an era of seismic changes that saw whole communities decimated. The mental anguish quietly pushed African American dads to find a way to deal with an unforgiving world. These dads are looking to raise kids while at the same time reconciling crushing pain. I would like this book to be an acknowledgment of that pain and let them know they are not alone.




1.   What would you consider to be your Kryptonite as an author?
My Kryptonite would be a fear of judgement by others in a public setting. As I write a story, I spend a lot of time wondering if people will like or really hate it. There have been times where I have stopped writing because I have been caught in my fear. As I write more, I have started to become better with not listening to my fear and just working on writing.

2.      If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
If I could talk to talk to myself, I would tell myself that double spacing and larger fonts do not make the book longer…lol. I would tell myself that the book should be longer and there is always opportunities to fully flesh out the book in a meaningful way. After publishing this first book, I was so caught in writing something interesting that I should have trusted myself as a competent writer.

3. Favorite childhood memory involving books?
My favorite childhood memory was reading a set of science encyclopedias at night when I went to bed. I enjoyed reading them and learning new concepts and pretending that I was a great scientist going around the world coming up with these new science concepts.

4. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
I would describe myself in three words as Too Dang Serious. I am told by a lot of people that I am too serious, and I need to loosen up. As I get older, I discovered that life is too short and it is important to take a moment and just enjoy yourself. The writing of this book is one of those dreams that I had that is taking me out of my comfort zone.

5. What is your most unusual writing quirk?
The most unusual writing quirk that I have is blurting out concepts of what I want to write about to my wife. She thinks I am crazy, but I tell her that I need to hear it out loud. If it make sense, I will write about and if doesn’t, I move on to another concept.

6. What is your favorite genre to read?
My favorite genre to read is Science Fiction. Science Fiction gives the read endless opportunities that can be outside of the world they lived in. I spent so many days as a kid imagining that I was in some far away galaxy or working on some top secret science project. I would recommend science fiction to all kids to get them excited about expanding their world and pushing themselves for bigger and better things.


Eric L. Heard currently lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his wife, Sonya, of 17 years and his son, McKinley. Eric is a graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Engineering. He also has a Master’s Business Administration from Indiana University and Master’s of Manufacturing Operations from Kettering University. He is an Army Brat who has lived in the Southeast United States, Germany, and Japan.



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