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The Last Shimmer by Sage Hyatt - Book Tour & Review

The Last Shimmer

By Sage Hyatt

July 02 – 08

About The Last Shimmer

In this middle-grade horror story, Tiger Lily Dander and her friend, Stacy, wake one morning to a world in which everyone they care about is missing, except each other. Together the girls must determine why their loved ones have disappeared before their menacing shadows succeed in robbing them of their joy and making sure they, too, vanish forever.

My Review
The Last Shimmer is a short story about a girl named Tiger Lilly Dander. Tiger is living a relatively normal life. She goes to school, she hangs out with her best friend Stacy, and everything is good. Until one day, everything changes. Everyone has seemingly disappeared. Except Stacy. Now, the two girls are on a mission to discover where everyone has gone while trying to keep safe from the evil shadows that are lurking, waiting to steal their "shimmers" and take over the world.
I found this to be a fun, quick read. It's honestly pretty impressive, considering it changes POV a few times. Everything stays consistent, and the plot moves forward without any hiccups. 
I think young female readers will definitely latch on to Tiger Lilly. She's bold and brave, and she doesn't let anything stop her from trying to save her friends and family (and everyone else) from the shadows who want to take over. 
This story also made me remember the first story I ever wrote when I was 9 or 10. It was about a kid whose family gets killed by an axe murderer while he sleeps. It was a school project, and the teacher wasn't impressed. She thought it was "too dark" for the other kids to read, so I had to rewrite it and make it so it was all a horrible nightmare with a lovely, happy ending.
Honestly, though, The Last Shimmer is a fantastic start to a young author's budding journey, and I have to give kudos to Miss Hyatt for writing such a delightfully spooky story. I'm curious to see what she may write next.
4 stars!

About the Author:

Sage Hyatt loves to sing, make arts and crafts, and is a connoisseur of desserts and cute cat memes. She is author of The Last Shimmer, and her story “Psychopath Strawberry” was published in the June issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk. More of her tales can be found at Not Your Father’s Bedtime Stories.

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