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Summer at Blue Sands Cove by CP Ward - Book Blitz

Summer at Blue Sands Cove

Tired of the city, Grace Clelland returns to Blue Sands, the quiet Cornish seaside village where she grew up. There she will meet old flames and old friends, rekindle old loves and ignite new ones in a novel that will have you dreaming of the soft crash of the waves on the shore, the feel of sand between your toes, overloaded ice-creams and smoky beach barbeques.

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Summer at Blue Sands – Grace meets Jason

 Looking for some surfing gear, Grace meets Jason, who will prove to have a large role to play during her summer back in the village.

 Across the road from the promenade, t-shirt and shorts-clad staff from several surf rental shops were setting out signboards and gear. On the promenade, a younger generation of local surfers was already sitting on the edge of the seawall, perusing the low breakers rolling in against the shore. For a few years in her teens, Grace had been among them. While Joan had liked the beach but not the water, Grace’s mid-teens had brought a brief obsession with the waves that had even won her a couple of local prizes. However, like most of her possessions, she had given her parents permission to sell her surfboard, and with ten years having passed since the last time she hit the waves, she wasn’t sure her body could still take it.

Today, however, with a gentle two-foot break massaging the shore, was a good time to try. She walked up to the first shop she saw with an OPEN sign and went inside. Immediately, the waxy scent of the place, the stacks of boards and wetsuits, and the surfing video playing quietly on a TV hanging from the ceiling took her back. For a few moments Grace just stood there, remembering better, more carefree days.

‘Help you?’ came a voice from a corner. A sales counter plastered with brand logo stickers, was half-obscured by leaning boards. A young man wearing a Stone Age sweatshirt stood behind it. His matted hair was bleached blond, his smile relaxed.

Grace met his eyes and frowned. ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’

The man pouted, shaking his head. ‘Maybe. Dunno. You local?’

‘I was. My name’s Grace Clelland. I used to live up in the village.’

The young man came out from behind the counter and stood with his arms folded, watching her. ‘Ah, I remember you. You were Dan Woakes’s girl.’

At the sudden recognition, Grace started. ‘Well, I don’t think I’d quite say that,’ she said. ‘It was only a month. Perhaps a summer.’

The man smiled again. ‘Long enough. You don’t know me? Jason. Jason King. I was a couple of years below you. I used to help out in the school library.’

Grace stared. ‘Jason? The nerd Jason? Weren’t you thin?’

Jason laughed. ‘Filled out a bit in my late teens. Got a laser job on my eyes and got into the boards a bit. The sea water cleared up the spots like nothing else.’ He shrugged. ‘Still read, you know, when the surf’s flat. You look … toned.’

‘Ah, thanks. Spinning.’

‘Spinning? What’s that? Some kind of biking, isn’t it?’

‘Yeah, it’s when the bike wheel only moves when you pedal. It doesn’t free wheel. So you have to keep moving.’

Jason laughed. ‘Sounds weird. Better to go get a ride outside, isn’t it?’

Grace smiled. ‘Yeah, I think it is.’

‘Take on that hill. Gonna try? Got a race this August Bank Holiday. First one to the top gets the new surf club cat named after them. Been getting some practice in, gonna have a go. Reckon Jason fits.’

‘A cat called Jason?’



‘Yeah, they’re gonna use it for surf lifesaving training offshore.’

‘Sounds interesting.’

‘Gonna have a crack?’

‘A crack at what?’

‘The race. Gonna be a few celebs there. Can’t have one of them winning it, can we? Gotta be a local. All that spinning, reckon you can do an uphill?’

It was something Grace had been planning to challenge herself with over the course of the summer. However, she had planned to cycle alone with Joan walking alongside to provide the benchmark speed. Now that couldn’t happen, she hadn’t made any decision on what to do, but Jason was staring at her with a small smile on his face, as though daring her to accept the challenge.

She smiled. ‘I think Grace is a pretty good name for a catamaran,’ she said. ‘I’ll be there. And in the meantime, I’d like to rent a surfboard.’

Jason nodded. ‘Nothing like a bit of cross training. You gonna head out to the rock?’

‘Which rock?’

‘Sharker’s. Got rollers coming in. A few of the lads are gonna take a boat out this morning, wait for the big guys. Should be epic. I’d be there but I’ve gotta work.’

‘Ah, I’m a bit out of practice, so I was thinking more to just hit up the regular surf. You know, over on the beach there.’

Jason frowned. ‘But you’re a local.’


‘Locals can’t be seen in there.’

‘Why not?’

‘That’s tourist surf, that is.’

Grace laughed. She had once shared Jason’s opinion. Times had changed, though. She had been a long time away.


Author Bio – CP Ward is an author from the UK who currently lives and works in Japan. For more information, please visit

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