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The Hotel Series by Michael James - Book Tour + Giveaway

The Hotel (Series)

by Michael James 


GENRE: Urban Fantasy



Series Blurb:

No one has ever escaped from the Hotel at the End of Time. Until now.

Vain only wants to be left alone, but the Hotel has other plans. Forces will align against her: a group of multi-dimensional felons collectively named The Wyatts; and their leader, Trick, a mild-to-medium psychopath with a fondness for impractical jokes.

The only way forward is to go back. Back to the one place in the world she swore she'd never return.

Back to the Hotel.

Blurb for:  The Hotel at the End of Time:

Vain is the only person to ever escape from the Hotel at the end of time. On her way out, she took their prized possession: A Padlock that grants immortality.

They will do anything to get it back.

The forces of the Hotel are aligned against her: mundane items turned into weapons; a group of multi-dimensional felons collectively named The Wyatts; and their leader, Trick, a mild-to-medium psychopath with a fondness for impractical jokes.

Everything changes when Vain meets Emma, a timid grad student with impossible and terrifying powers. Together, they are propelled into an adventure that will see them battle the Wyatts, blow up several objects of significant value, and quite by accident, discover a way to stop the Hotel.

Even with Emma, Vain has a lot of problems to deal with.

She’s exhausted from being hunted.

Stopping the Hotel might kill them.

She has a hangnail.

But Vain is resourceful. Vain is clever.

And she always has a plan.

Blurb for:  The Well at the Bottom of Everything:

Vain thought destroying the Portal to the Hotel at the End of Time would mean freedom for her and Roman, but her happy ever after is coming to an end.

A horrible mistake and a stray bullet force her to infiltrate the Hotel and contend with a new and terrible power: The Well at the Bottom of Everything.

Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken.

The Hotel will have its revenge.


EXCERPT “Can you unlock the phone?”

“I think so.” She pecked at the phone with her nose.

“Why don’t you have face recognition turned on?”

“I don’t like my phone judging me. I need to put on lipstick before I text? Come on.”

“That’s not how… it doesn’t matter. Is your code one, one, one, one? You need to change that.”

“This is the exact correct time to have that conversation,” she hissed. Her screen flashed with a green text bubble. 

“It’s Roman,” she said. “He’s asking where I am.”

“Tell him to bring Emma and come save us. Actually, I don’t care if he comes. We need Emma.”

“Hey, Siri,” Vain whispered at the phone. “Call Roman.”

“Calling: Rome.” Siri’s robotic voice blared from the phone and Vain cringed. She stopped moving and waited for the Wyatts to come beat the crap out of them. Thankfully, they were still arguing and didn’t hear.

“Don’t call Rome. Turn your volume down.”

“Turning down volume,” whispered Siri. Better. Stupid phone robot.

“Call. Roman.” She spoke slowly, so stupid Siri would do better.

“Calling. Row Man’s boating supplies.” Vain hissed at Siri to hang up.

“Text him back,” Mark said, sounding frustrated.

“Siri. Respond to Roman. Wyatts. Come rescue.”

“Texting. Roman. Whites come stew.”

“We’re going to fucking die,” Vain said.


Author Interview 1. What would you consider to be your Kryptonite as an author?
Okay so I had no idea until I started this, but apparently interview questions on blog tours. I mean, honestly.

2. If you could tell your younger writing self, anything, what would it be?
Practice doing interviews for blog tours because dude, you are spectacularly bad at it.

3. What book do you feel is under-appreciated? How about overrated? Under appreciated – How to interview like a badass by Latoya Baldwin

Over rated – How to answer interview questions by Peggy McKee

4. If you could dine with any literary character, who would it be and why?
Louis from Interview with a Vampire, because he totally nails that interview. Like they did a whole book about it and I’m struggling to get through ten questions, so I’d ask him how he got so good at doing interviews and is that part of a vampire’s skill set

5. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Bad At Interviews

6. What’s one movie you like recommending to others?
Frost / Nixon. Now there’s an interview movie. Hot frigging damn.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Michael James spent his formative years writing, and when he wasn't writing, he was writing. A mistaken belief that a "real" job would be more satisfying led him down a dark path that did not involve writing but did involve meetings. Fortunately, he has since course-corrected and is back on the right (write? Ha!) path. The Hotel at the End of Time is not his first book, but it is the one with the most Hotels in it.

He lives in Canada with his family. When he's not writing, he does Canadian things - saying sorry a lot, being polite, talking about the weather, you know how it goes.





Amazon Author Page:

The Hotel at the End of Time:

The Well at the Bottom of Everything:



Michael James will be awarding a $50 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner

via rafflecopter during the tour.

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  3. What was your inspiration for writing this book?
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