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The Red Fence by Ed Damiano - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway


Join us for this tour from July 26 to August 20, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title:  THE RED FENCE by Ed Damiano
CategoryChildren's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book
PublisherMascot Books
Release date:   July, 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

Book Description:

In the uniform town of Vanderloo,
Everyone, everywhere has the same view.
What happens when Astred, tiny Todd, and Ned
Decide to paint their white fence red?
Children's author and Mom's Choice Award winner Ed Damiano delivers a poignant message about community and creativity in The Red Fence.

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My Review
The Red Fence is a fun children's book that teaches kids it's okay to be different. Change can be a good thing, even if it seems scary. 
The story is very reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, and I think both parents and their young readers will enjoy the delightful illustrations and easy-to-read rhyming scheme. Plus, the message the book contains is always a good thing for kids to learn. 
Everything is the same in the town of Vanderloo. Until one day, a new family decides to branch out and change their fence from white to red. This subtle difference sparks the community into action, and even though the other citizens of Vanderloo are against it at first, they all come to see that change is good, and being unique and creative and different is actually kinda cool.
I really enjoyed this story. It's fun and silly, but it teaches a good lesson. And it's a book that kids will love reading over and over again.
5 stars!

Guest Post

Remembering Me
I’ve thought of this a few times. I’m much more concerned about being remembered by my family. I’d like them to always recall that I worked hard to take care of them and loved them very much. And whenever they read my books, I’d like them to feel like they were connecting with me. When you read something someone wrote, it’s like you’re actually taking a little glimpse into that person’s soul. As for my readers: I would like them to remember that I am still alive and well. And that I love fan letters.

Meet the Author:

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Damiano has a passion for creativity, and his stories always contain a positive message. He also wrote The Christmas Blanket, which earned him a Mom’s Choice Award. In The Christmas Blanket, his character EJ realizes the true meaning of Christmas, which is not about getting presents, but about giving back to others.

connect with the author: goodreads

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