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Vagabond by Mary A.J. - Book Tour & Review

Vagabond by Mary A.J.

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All hope abandon ye who read this book.


After ruling Hell for centuries, Satan’s daughter, Cecilia Harrow, escapes the confines of the underworld in search of safety and a normal life. She finds anything but when she enrolls in Cornelia High School, only to discover a hunt for an ancient artifact, a charming demon, and an enigmatic human. 

When her new human life is threatened, she will discover how far she’ll go to save the person she loves, and keep her freedom. Loyalties, blood, and faith will be tested. Cecilia must make a choice: preserve her humanity or unleash the merciless Princess of Hell.

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My Review

Vagabond is a YA novel about Lucifer's daughter, a half-human girl named Cecilia. As a fan of stories about angels and demons, I knew this would be right up my alley. Plus, that cover is stunning, and I was intrigued just by the synopsis. I'm so glad I took a chance on this book, and I'm looking forward to more from this author. The story follows Cecilia as she decides she's done with being Princess of Hell. She goes off on her own and finds her way to Virginia, where she starts high school, of all things. Immediately finding herself drawn to a sad looking boy named Sebastian, Cecilia decides she's going to befriend him and learn more about him. Enter Alexander Draven, another boy at the school. This one, though, is not what he seems. Add in a hunt for an ancient artifact, and Cecilia's dream of a more "normal" life is shattered. I found this to be a fun, relatively quick read. It's easy to get into right from the start, and like Cecilia, I also found myself intrigued by Sebastian. The characters are mostly likeable (Alexander has his moments sometimes), and the plot is engaging and immersive. The world-building, while set in Virginia, makes you feel as though you're actually there. There's a Gothic vibe to it, and at times it almost feels like it's the 1800s rather than modern day times. And after that ending, I definitely can't wait for more. Definitely worth a read if you're a fan of YA dark fantasy/paranormal romance. 4 stars!

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