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Awakening Your Soul's Truth by Anya Goode - Book Tour & Review





In Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, Anya Goode guides the reader on a life-changing journey that brings the spiritual seeker to a deep and profound understanding of the self, and provides a unique avenue to achieve a more fulfilling, abundant, and meaningful life. This powerful book breaks down complex spiritual concepts in a practical and easeful way for readers who are seeking growth, healing, and spiritual development.


Anya introduces ground-breaking spiritual transformation practices through the lens of her experience as a long-time practitioner of intuitive energy healing. In this debut work, Anya teaches the reader how to work with beliefs, challenges, emotions, and actions to create their most positive reality. She then guides the reader through powerful healing exercises intended to fast-track the spiritual awakening process.


The reading of this work and consistent practice of the exercises within, provide the resources to understand and navigate one’s path through life in a deeply healing and uplifting way.

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My Review
Awakening Your Soul's Truth is one of the more interesting self-help type books I've read. As someone who is on a journey to discover myself now after spending 30+ years being who others wanted me to be, this book definitely help me figure out a new way to look at things.
 It's a book that deals with beliefs. The author talks about how we tend to wear our beliefs as "cloaks", and most people tend to keep the same cloaks that were handed down from generation to generation. They like to stick themselves in a box or a bubble, and that's the end of that. But those old cloaks (beliefs) aren't one-size-fits-all, and it's up to us to discover what cloaks fit and which ones we should shed and toss in trash (figuratively speaking, of course).
The author makes a lot of good points about how people tend to think they should act one way, mold their life around a certain set of beliefs because that's what their parents did, or that's what society deems they should, or their political party/religion/etc says they should. But just because these beliefs may fit with one person's lifestyle/way of thinking doesn't mean it should work for everyone. The author suggests (and offers helpful exercises) opening yourself up to new experiences. Challenging those beliefs. Realizing that you don't have to confine yourself to a box or a bubble. You can be whoever you wish to be. Think/feel/act in a way that is right for you. 
She also discusses healing/energies/chakras and things of that nature. I've always been fascinated by that sort of thing, but I've never really experienced it or thought it would be something that would be a part of my life. But after reading about certain people who came to the author for some help (like Thomas; his story resonated with me), I've started thinking perhaps I should research it a bit more and maybe seek out someone to see if they could help me in some way. Can't hurt, right?
The author writes in an easy to read and understand way, and the book does not come across as preachy or pushy. It's more of a "hold my hand and let me guide you while you do all of the hard work in discovering your truth on your own" type of book. I liked that.
If you're looking for something to help challenge your beliefs and discover who you really are, give this book a whirl.
4 stars!

Author Bio
Anya Goode is a seasoned intuitive energy healer and teacher of esoteric philosophy and mysticism. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, has a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science, and has trained in a multitude of energy healing modalities and shamanic practices throughout her career. During her time as a private practice energy healer and spiritual mentor, Anya worked closely with clients worldwide. In more recent years, she has lectured extensively on spiritual and esoteric practices, and has focused on writing and creating spiritual development tools for a wider audience. Her grounded approach to spirituality and healing is highly acclaimed and is accessible to all.

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