Thursday, September 9, 2021

Mum's the Word by Lorraine Turnbull - Book Blitz

 Mum’s the Word

When Ann-Marie Ross murders her abusive husband and feeds him to the pigs, she thinks she's got away with murder and secured the future of her Scottish cider farm. But she soon finds herself having to keep more than one deadly secret to protect those closest to her.
As four women embrace their new-found independence, Ann-Marie is tormented by the threat of discovery.
A darkly comic tale of murder, friendship and Love.

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When she collected Bull’s ashes from the undertaker’s she wondered what to do with them. The undertaker had sensed her discomfort, and suggested that most people scattered them in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium; but she shook her head silently. Her father’s ashes were there, and her mother’s would in time join his; and she didn’t want to contaminate that place with his remains. Most of all, she didn’t want him to be at rest.

She took the large purple tub out to the pickup and hesitated. She felt guilty about putting it; him, in the back of the pick-up, like a sack of feed or bale of hay; and what if he bounced out if she hit a bump or took a corner too quickly? An indiscreet snigger escaped her as she pictured this and then pulled herself together. He’d need to go in the passenger seat; she realised unhappily, and spent a few minutes strapping the tub with the seat belt.

‘What am I going to do with you, darling husband of mine?’ she asked the purple plastic tub as she started the car. For the first time, since she’d killed him, she was at a loss to know what to do with him. She could almost hear him laughing at her discomfort, which annoyed her considerably.

Then suddenly; the most amusing and wicked idea just popped into her head and she had to smother a joyous laugh; aware that parked as she was in the undertaker’s car park, just off the main road, she could be seen, and that would never do. Her heart raced as the idea took hold and grew in her mind, freeing her from indecision. She patted the purple tub with a smile. Now, she knew exactly where to dispose of him, and he’d be so angry, so deliciously upset that it pleased her enormously. Oh revenge really was a dish best served cold! God! It was perfect. Perfect!

Author Bio – Lorraine Turnbull was born in Glasgow where she lived until 2005 when she and her family moved to Cornwall to run a smallholding. She relocated to France in 2017 where she continues to make cider, writes books and learns French.

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