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Swop the Satsuma-Sized Secret by Lucy Noguera - Book Tour & Review

Swop The Satsuma-Sized Secret by Lucy Noguera

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What would you do if you found the world’s smallest dog?

When Ernie and his family leave the countryside to move to the city. Ernie feels like he’ll never settle into their new home.

Yet on his very first night, a surprising new friend introduces himself – Swop is a very tiny dog. A dog that just happens to be the size of a satsuma.

Ernie vows to keep Swop a secret, but Swop has other ideas and he’s determined to make Ernie’s first day at his new school a memorable one!

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My Review Swop the Satsuma-Sized Secret is an adorable read for kids, and it touches upon the importance of friendship and trust. Ernie is the main character. He and his family move to the city from the countryside, which is already a pretty big change. Ernie misses his dad, who has passed away. It's definitely not an easy adjustment, but when Swop appears, everything changes. Swop is a tiny dog, only the size of a satsuma (a citrus fruit like an orange), and he brings a new light and joy to Ernie's life. I loved how this story tackles subjects that may not be easy to read about (like the loss of a parent). It's done in a way where young readers can empathize with Ernie even if they've never had to go through such a traumatic experience. Plus, the introduction of Swop will make kids smile. I also loved how the book is inclusive and showcases a character who is deaf. As someone who grew up with a deaf twin sister, this was a delight. The book does feature sign language, which is something I do think more kids should be introduced to. That was a nice little addition to the story. The illustrations are lovely, and the overall story itself is full of humor and heartwarming moments. Something that will appeal to readers of all ages. 5 stars!

Author Bio
An ex-primary school teacher and Teacher of the Deaf. I now run a small educational company, specialising in arranging book projects and theatre events for schools and families. I live with my husband, our three children and our three dogs in Ealing, London. Yet the one in charge is our little ex-street dog, even though he has no eyes and three legs. He also happens to be called Swop!

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