Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Ruthless Gangster by Avery Kane - Cover Reveal

TITLE- The Ruthless Gangster
AUTHOR - Avery Kane
GENRE - Dark Romance
RELEASE DATE- October 30th, 2021


"The devil is out to corrupt the ballerina."

Crossbar May is doomed.

That’s what I first came to know about the shady town.

I never thought I'd see myself ending up in that horrific town... but I did.

I was taken, stolen and completely destroyed.

The Shadows were hovering upon me to wreck me, hiding and waiting- until they finally attacked.
Ace West is on a mission to ruin me.

He told me he’ll break me in the most ruthless way.

What he doesn't know is that you can't break someone who’s already broken.

And you definitely can't break the girl you love without destroying yourself.

The Ruthless Gangster is book ONE in an ALL-new college romance series with your favorite tropes by debut author Avery Kane!

Enemies to lovers, childhood romance, rockstar romance, obsessed boy trope and so much more. In the town of Crossbar May, meet The Shadow Sinners- a group of gangsters ready to take over the world. These dangerous hot bad boys are about to meet their match in the most unexpected ways.


Author Bio
Avery Kane is a dark romance writer. Her passion for reading began at a very young age of fourteen, she found her escape through books. Avery is releasing her epic debut book series in 2021 that you don't wanna miss out on!

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