Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Secret World of Delia and Mingli by Harley West - Book Tour & Review

The Secret World of Delia and Mingli


In this early reader book, Delia learns how to deal with her anxiety over her bad dreams. As we follow Delia and her elephant friend, Mingli through the world of Imagine Nation, she learns valuable lessons about friendship, dealing with anxiety and overcoming her fear of nightmares. Are they really as bad as we think they are? This is the perfect transition book from picture books to chapter books.


This book is perfect for children with fears or anxious tendencies. And it’s a great reminder of the beauty of a child’s imagination.


Delia's world is about to change in the most unexpected way! She is lonely after she and her parents move to the country and is in desperate need of a friend. It is when her parents take her on a trip to China that she connects with the most unlikely of friends - Mingli, a stuffed Asian elephant. Delia is having anxiety over her nightmares and to her amazement; in a whirl of wind Mingli whisks her off to a whimsical place, where she gains the powers to conquer her fears. Delia and Mingli need your help as they are greeted by some interesting characters.


While this is a chapter book, it is the perfect book to read together with your little one at bedtime!

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The Secret World of Delia and Mingli eBook : West, Harley, Jones, Aria: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

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My Review
The Secret Word of Delia and Mingli is a delightful children's book about a little girl whose stuffed elephant comes to life and helps her overcome her nightmares by taking her to a magical place known as Imagine Nation. 
After her parents take her on a trip to China, Delia is lonely and anxious, and those feelings manifest as nightmares. But the stuffed elephant she got from the airport gift shop comes to life and takes her on a journey to overcome her fears. 
From monsters to witches, dragons, and even a bull, Delia will have to figure out the best way to conquer them so she can meet the king and queen of Imagine Nation and get back home. 
I thought this was a fun little read. It's something that will delight boys and girls of all ages. The recommended age range is 5-8, although I do think younger readers may need assistance from their parents while reading this, mainly due to a few "bigger" words that may be outside their vocabulary at the moment. 
If you're looking for a magical, whimsical story, check out The Secret World of Delia and Mingli.
4 stars!

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