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Two Truths by Dana C. Carver - Book Tour

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After the mysterious death of her husband, Renee Morgan is determined to protect her three daughters, forcing her to face a history she has spent a lifetime avoiding.

Groomed by her father to join the most elite of secret societies, Brett knows she is destined for something great. But her ambition demands a high price.

Sara is ready to avenge her father at any cost. When she finds herself swept up in conspiracies and family secrets, her search for answers uncovers a primeval power.

Hadley watched her father die and now he won’t leave her alone. Guided by his ghost, she begins to experience memories of past lives.

As the journeys of Renee, Brett, Sara and Hadley converge, two Truths are revealed that change everything they knew about themselves and the world they live in.

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“Brett? Is that you?” her father’s voice sounded surprisingly close.
“Yes,” she said.
“Where are you calling from?”
“A payphone.”
“Good girl. Have you thought about what I said? Are you coming out?”
“No, I’m not coming to New Zealand. I’m calling because it’s the last Tuesday
of April and I haven’t been tapped. The Bonesmen came in my room and tapped
Noel Soteriades, a minion for Christ’s sake, right in front of me and barely glanced
in my direction. What have you done?”
He exhaled into the receiver, grunted half a word and stopped.
“Dad? You there?”
“They wouldn’t shut you out because of me, honey. Just the opposite.”
“There’s no reason for them to change their minds, Dad. This has to be
because of you. I can’t comprehend what you’re doing. You’ve worked your
whole life for this. You’ve worked my whole life for this. You don’t really expect
me to believe you’re accompanying Mom on sabbatical in New Zealand, do you?”
“I love you,” he said. “You know that. But unless you skip your graduation
and come here, I can’t talk to you.”
“Why? What’s going on?”
“I know your loyalties will always lie with them. I raised you to think that
way, so I can’t blame you, but I have your mother and sisters to think about now.”
“My loyalties? Since when do I have to choose between the societies and
“I’m sorry, Brett, but things have changed.”
Something banged on the booth, shaking the phone box. Brett jumped and
spun around.
Two figures stood in the darkness.
A flashlight clicked on. She blinked and shaded her eyes. One of the figures
thumped on the door.
“Brett? You there?” Her dad’s voice sounded far away now.
“Someone’s knocking on the phone booth. There's a light shining in my
“Don’t open the door,” he said.
“Who is it?” she asked. “What’s happening?”
“They always tap the first on the list last. It’s them. They’ve come to tap
The door creaked open.
“Listen, Brett. If you do this, if you become one of them, don’t tell them
where I am. You hear me? When it comes to your sacrifice, please think long and
hard about it.”
She made out two fingers slipping through the crack.
“Brett Morgan?” a voice asked, the door opening all the way as two hands
reached in and slapped her firmly on the shoulders. “Claw and Bones! Do you
“Yes,” she said, startled.
They shoved an envelope in her hand. “We give you this in the utmost
secrecy. We ask you to honor it in privacy.”
The flashlight clicked off and they were gone.
The phone, still cradled in the crook of her neck, was silent.
“Hello?” Brett said.
“Brett?” It was Hadley’s soft voice.
“Hadley, get Dad please.”
“He’s gone.”
“What do you mean he’s gone?”
“He dropped the phone and ran out of the house. Are you coming here? I
miss you.”
“I miss you too, kiddo.”
Someone yelling in the background; it sounded like her mother.
“I have to go,” Hadley said.
“Wait, Hadley …”
“Sorry, Mom says I have to hang up. Bye.”
Hadley’s voice was replaced with the dull hum of the dial tone.
Brett hung up and studied the envelope in the fluorescent light of the booth.
The ribbon was sealed with the infamous emblem of the Illuminati. She fingered
the smooth wax, savoring its thickness, before she carefully opened the letter.

Dana C Carver was born in 1972 in Columbus, Ohio. She wrote her first book at seven years old and won the school's "super writer" award, and has been writing ever since.

 She has a degree in psychology with a minor in creative writing from the University of Cincinnati, and did her post-graduate studies in physiology at Portland State University.

 Currently she works as a program manager and coach, helping organizations to implement and evaluate change initiatives. She is the Chair of the Good Programmes Trust, home of the award winning GoodYarn program, which has seen nearly 7000 people educated in mental health and wellness.

 Previously, she owned her own coaching and training studio, which operated for over a decade serving nearly 400 clients.

 She now lives on a Dairy farm in the South Island of New Zealand with her husband, Tony, and is blessed with three step-children, a foster-daughter and two grand-daughters

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