Add Cyanide to Taste

A sinister cook, a cursed cake, and a casual dinner between neighbours that goes murderously wrong.

This debut collection of dark tales and recipes by Karmen Špiljak ascends the jagged culinary heights you’ve hungered to explore but could never find on a map. As the characters swoon over every unforgettable mouthful, and sometimes bite off more than they can chew, you’ll find yourself asking: What would I be willing to pay for the meal of a lifetime?

If feasting on culinary noir leaves you hungry, extend your pleasure by preparing the dishes featured in the stories. All recipes provided are cyanide-free.

Karmen Špiljak writes across different genres. Her short fiction has been awarded and anthologised.

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My Review
 Add Cyanide to Taste is a fun little collection of short stories, all of which involve food. And murder. There is also a nice addition of recipes included at the back of the book. A nice touch, indeed.
From a bakery with  family curse to a secret pub for lonely people, and even a story about punctuation(!!), there's something for everyone to enjoy within these pages.
I honestly think my favorite story was Three Roses, although it did make me a bit sad. It's one of those stories that makes you long for friendship/companionship and comfort food. At least it did for me.
The Assistant, which is the first story, was one I didn't find all that surprising. Although, I will admit to wanting to know a bit more about Janice and her motivation.
In terms of the recipes, quite a few of them sound delicious. Like the pumpkin gnocchi, the roast chicken, the Collectors' soup, and even The Forbidden Pasta, which sounds very similar to something I make on occasion. It's a creamy tomato tuna pasta with Parmesan cheese, and it's super tasty. But now I will have to try this variation and see how it turns out. Yum!
If you're a fan of short stories involving murder and tasty food, give this collection a chance. You're sure to find something entertaining to read. 
4 stars!

Author Bio –

Karmen Špiljak is a Slovenian-Belgian writer with a taste for dark and twisty tales.

Her short fiction has been awarded and anthologised. Her as yet unpublished thriller was shortlisted and received an honourable mention on 'The Black Spring Crime Fiction Prize 2020'. She writes across different genres, from suspense to horror and science fiction.

She currently lives in Brazil with her husband and two cats.

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