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Amongst the Mists by M.L. Rayner - Book Tour

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It was the most anticipated summer break of their young lives.

For Bran Lampshire, that summer of 1986 would be far different. The lure of a wilderness adventure sends him and his friends on a troublesome journey that would see them far from home and into the isolated shadows of the Sleathton Estate. In a forgotten land where nature thrives, an unexplained mist settles upon the shaded grounds. And stories were told of events so chilling, they were forcibly buried over time.

Lose yourself beneath the endless trees. And discover that legends are sometimes so much more than ghost stories.


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It had been hours, or so it seemed. Olivia was hungry now and yearned for the feel of her mother’s comforting kiss on her forehead. She’d followed the cry down the river for some time, never once considering whether she should glance back at the distance behind her. Several trees had long since fallen into the water, turning the channel into an unpredictable trap as she scrambled by.


“I’m coming,” she burst out. “Just stay still will you!” Moron! The word instantly came to mind without her even considering it.


The clear sound of water travelled through the air and caused her pace to slow. Surrendering to the need to catch her breath, she noticed the light was beginning to fade.  So was her patience.



Olivia jumped hysterically. The voice, though only at a whisper, was now so close. She turned frantically, her face filled with apprehension, her fists clenched tight like boulders. How did you get there so fast? she wondered. The landscape sloped from the river and into a sunken boggy path.


“Pack that in!” she paused, embarrassed. “You ain’t scared me, I –”


Olivia had no time to finish. Short childlike footsteps were heard sloshing through the soggy earth. She heard them so clearly, she could swear they were only yards ahead.


“I got you now, worm!” she whispered with a fiendish smirk, immediately leaving the chilly water and moving toward the middle of the mud path. Drainage was poor in the forest, and, over time, flooding had trickled down the path's centre, allowing an unsightly carpet of grubs to crawl and fester. Being only too careful of where she stepped, Olivia pressed on to claim her prize.


What started as a determined pace for victory began to decrease. Soon, Olivia’s feet would vanish into the ground, causing her to slow. Then her legs began to sink.


Born and bred in the county of Staffordshire. Matt is a keen reader of classical, horror and fantasy literature and enjoys writing in the style of traditional ghost stories. During his working life, Matt joined the ambulance service in 2009, transporting critically ill patients all over the UK. After writing his first novel, Matt was welcomed into the family of Question Mark Press publishing and now dedicates his time on future releases. His hobbies include genealogy and hiking, and he enjoys spending time with his wife, Emma, his children, and his family.

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