Monday, October 18, 2021

Beauty in the Beast by Stevie Rae Causey - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Beauty in the Beast

by Stevie Rae Causey

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling

What lies are hidden behind the legend of the Beast?

A motorcycle accident leaves Belle alone in the woods, where she discovers the one monster she can't outrun is the one of her own making.

A short retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty in the Beast is a short retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale we all seem to know and love. This story, however, takes that well-known and well-loved tale and flips it on its head. In this one, Belle is escaping from a town that seems to be dealing with sickness. She's on her motorcycle, eager to flee and not get caught. But she crashes in the forest, and from there, things get a little strange.
She's discovered by a little boy who brings her back to his castle. It's there, at this castle, that the rest of the story plays out. Belle and the little boy are now both seemingly trapped. Can she break the curse, or does this fairytale end without a happily ever after?
I thought this was a unique take on the tale. It's seemingly modern while still feeling a bit old-fashioned. It was different, but not too much. I was a little curious about the voice that Belle kept hearing while in the forest. Who was calling to her, and why? At first I thought maybe she was in a coma and imagining everything going on. But the story doesn't play out at all like that. It's definitely interesting, though. I enjoyed it for what it was.
If you're a fan of fairytale retellings, check out Beauty in the Beast,
4 stars!

I write MG and YA Epic Fantasy that explore real-life themes. I believe that fantasy and fiction create a safe space for young people to explore the ins and outs of the world we live in and I aim to write the kind of stuff that entertains as well as fosters introspection.

When I'm not writing or speaking to teens, I'm usually chasing my kids, going on wilderness adventures, and posting pictures of my pets on Instagram.

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  1. Thank you for posting about this book, it sounds like a must read for me

  2. when you have a story in your head , what makes you decide it needs to be shared with the world?

    1. Usually it's something that I want to say to connect to people who feel the same way.
      I ask "Can this story tell something that other humans can connect with?"


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