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No Child of Mine by Olga Gibbs - Book Tour & Review

 Book Blurb

"No Child of Mine" is a story of a father's journey to save his child from a totalitarian regime, who is in order to bury the truth prepared to exterminate an entire generation.

57th Year of the true leadership of The Ordained Liberating Party; or Year 2273 by the old calendar.
"The Collapse" took millions of lives and most of the country's farming lands, bringing the surviving population of the island to the brink of starvation.

 Out of the aftermath of the chaos and anarchy, a new state had emerged, known as The Federation Britannia, run by the single and unopposed Ordained Liberating Party.

The division of the country's orphanages for children of "the true citizens" and children of "the enemies of the state" began the clearance of the questionable element, and bloody years of the Age of Cleansing had finished the purge, leaving behind a perfectly obedient electorate that marched every year in the Liberation Day parades, praising the Party's leadership and following the Party's every directive.

 The rule of the Party is absolute. Its tool of compliance, the State Security Unit, is feared.

 Tom isn't a frightened follower, he is a true believer. He loves the Party with all his heart. He trusts in the Party's wisdom. The Party had raised him, rewarding his devotion and love with a lucrative engineering job, and after the approval for the Procreation licence, it also granted him a family.

 But the unexpected midnight visit by the State Security to his flat, questions asked and blood samples collected, unsettles Tom more than he likes to admit, and the following day, whilst investigating the "black uniforms" interest, Tom witnesses the State Security troops, led by the familiar officer, marshalling the children from his daughter's nursery, packing them into trucks and taking them into the unknown.

 At that moment Tom is forced to make a decision: either to follow the Party directive and to surrender his child into its plenary care or to protect what he loves and run.

But there's nowhere to run. There's no escape from the island or from the complete control of the Ordained Liberating Party.

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My Review
No Child of Mine is a political dystopian thriller set in the year 2273 in England. After the "collapse", the country is now known as The Federation Brittania and is ruled by the Ordained Liberating Party. Citizens are expected to follow everything the OLP says without question. It's a totalitarian regime, but everyone is happy. Or so it seems...
Tom is our main character. He loves the OLP. He believes they can do no wrong. He's a true supporter, and he puts his trust and faith in the Party that governs them. His wife Judy, though, is a bit more doubtful about the OLP. She doesn't necessarily think things are as happy and wonderful as Tom does. But she is afraid to speak up, knowing what can happen if she's deemed an enemy of the state. And she doesn't want to risk her daughter, Tilly, who spends most of her time in a nursery being raised by "disciplinarians". Children barely know their parents in this world, but once a month they're allowed to go home and visit. 
On Liberation Day, there is to be a parade. It's been 57 years since the uprising, and all citizens are required to march and celebrate this historic day. But there is something wrong with the children. When Judy goes to help calm the crying kids (which is frowned upon; children shouldn't make noise), she discovers their hands are covered in blisters. It's strange, but she doesn't have time to dwell on it. It isn't until a few days later, when State Security Officers invade their home asking questions that Judy realizes something is going on. It's also the event that sparks Tom's change of heart. Now, even he's begun to question his loyalty to the OLP. 
What happens with the rest of the story, I won't spoil. Just know that this book is a bit intense. 
I found myself getting angry while reading this. I'm a huge fan of dystopian fiction, but it usually tends to bring out some heavy emotions. This book was no different. The OLP is terrible, and they seemingly have absolute control over everyone. There is nowhere to go or hide, and nothing to be done to stop the iron fist of the OLP. 
I didn't really care for Tom, even after he had his epiphany. I did like Judy, though. I just wish she had been a bit stronger and had done more a lot sooner. 
While the chapters are a bit long, and some of the book is a little slow in spots, No Child of Mine is a really good read. If you're a fan of political thrillers and dystopian fiction, give this one a go.
4 stars.

Olga Gibbs is a mental health expert who has experience of working with disturbance in adolescents and young people. Using her Masters in Creative Writing, she explores taboo topics such as borderline personality and social effective disorder, effects of abuse and insecure attachment in young people and the inner world which is so rarely spoken about. She was born and raised in USSR and now lives in UK. Olga Gibbs is also a creative writing coach and mentor. Please visit author website for more information on upcoming books.

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