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The Christmas Miracle by Stephanie Wood - Book Blitz

The Christmas Miracle (Christmas on The Close #6)

You are invited to spend CHRISTMAS ON THE CLOSE where each of the neighbours are celebrating in their own special way.

Diane always enjoys baking special festive treats, which she happily delivers to her friendly neighbours on The Close as Christmas approaches.

When she decides to seek closure with a romantic matter from her past, she unexpectedly finds herself on an emotional journey she isn’t prepared for.

Her granddaughter, Emma, has all the technical know-how to assist in the search for answers, but is distracted by an intense - and highly unsuitable - romance of her own.

The two women must deal with unsettling issues as they begin to face the reality of their situations, but their familial bond helps to provide the security and support they need to answer the questions they face.

The sixth standalone episode of ‘Christmas on The Close’ reveals how it may be easier to allow the head to make all the decisions, but the heart will never stop fighting for what it really wants.

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Diane is reminiscing over several items she has stored carefully for years, which mark special moments in her teenage relationship with Joe…

 Diane took a moment to allow her feelings to settle before she opened the lid on her memory box, but when she did so they flared up again, as she had known they would.

Here was a chocolate bar wrapper which she had saved after he gave her his last piece to cheer her up when they’d watched a sad movie.

This was the bus ticket from that amazing day by the seaside, with the date still just about evident on the bottom.

Next was a small plastic figurine which she had won in a Christmas cracker she had pulled with him at a neighbourhood celebration.

There was the patterned handkerchief she had used to clean his arm in the stream after he’d been splashed with bird droppings. It had been washed, of course, but the memory was still there.

She picked up his school tie and smiled at the memory of how she’d stolen it from the washing line because it reminded her of when they had used it to walk a stray cat as though they owned it, but it had ended up scratching Joe’s legs to bleeding point and they’d had to set it free.

Underneath she found a birthday card and that was when things started to become a little more difficult. It was her sixteenth birthday card from Joe and he had signed it with a kiss. She remembered how she rubbed that kiss with her fingers, wondering if he would ever get round to kissing her properly. He had said that she was now grown up and they could behave more like a couple, but he didn’t want everyone to know until he had a decent job and could take her out to places on proper dates. He had promised that her birthday changed everything and they could start to look to the future and make decisions for themselves. He had wished her a happy birthday, called her “my love” and kissed her languorously on the cheek. She had all but melted.

Underneath she found the wooden heart-shaped keepsake Joe had carved especially for her gift that day. She hadn’t understood why he’d wanted it to be a secret, but she went along with it and hoped his kisses would migrate towards her mouth before long.

Author Bio –

Stephanie Wood writes contemporary fiction in the form of novels, novellas and short stories and you can find the running order of her titles on the first page of any book.

She published the AEGEAN SUN series of books as a fly-on-the-wall vision of life in a Greek resort during the summer season, using her extensive experience as a holiday rep to bring some unusual incidents to life on the page. The series began as an exploration of the various ways in which tourists make the most of their holidays and how they interact with the locals while they are visiting. The later books in the series have taken a closer look at the locals themselves and show how their lives and relationships are sometimes changed by the regular influx of seasonal visitors.

The CHRISTMAS ON THE CLOSE series is set in a British suburban cul-de-sac over the festive period and visits each house individually to discover how the neighbours who live there celebrate the season in their own special way.

Stephanie lives in Lancashire where, apart from reading and writing, she loves gardening and cycling and is a huge fan of the soaps Emmerdale and Neighbours.

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