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Through Dangerous Doors by Robert Charles Lee - Book Tour

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This is my post during the blog tour for Through Dangerous Doors by Robert Charles Lee.

This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours and the tour runs from 4 till 17 October. You can see the tour schedule here.

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Through Dangerous Doors
By Robert Charles Lee
Genre: Non-fiction Memoir
Release Date: June 15, 2021

In a life defined by risk, Robert Charles Lee experiences a poor and free-ranging childhood in the racist South of the 1960s. After his father dies, the family grows dysfunctional. As a result, teen-age Robert seeks sanity and solace by rock climbing solo and driving cars fast. He wins a scholarship and graduates from university, but still seeks to escape the South.

Moving to Alaska and the Western US, Robert works in a series of dangerous and brutal jobs. He meets and marries Linda, who enjoys climbing and skiing difficult mountains as much as he does. Simultaneously, Robert trains in the science of risk to become a respected professional risk scientist.

Robert shares his remarkable story as he guides the reader through a series of dangerous but rewarding doors, culminating in a vivid journey of adventure and risk.


Guest Post

Response to blogger Jazzy Book Reviews: “What was the most dangerous/risky experience you have ever had?" 

 This is a tough question, because the book is full of sixty years-worth of dangerous experiences! It’s hard to narrow these down to one. It also depends on what sort of risk we consider. In other words, risk of serious injury may actually be worse than death for the survivor, because they have to live with the damage.

 I’d say the most dangerous experience I experience on an almost daily basis is driving a vehicle. Statistically, this is true for anybody who drives regularly. It’s baffling that most people don’t seem to realize driving is so dangerous. It’s even worse if the driver texts, rocks out to tunes, drinks alcohol, or engages in any number of activities that distract or impair their ability to pay attention and respond quickly.

 If everyone considered driving to be dangerous, there would be a lot fewer deaths every year on American roads. I typically drive a large, heavy vehicle; plus I don’t text, drink, or whatever while driving, and I pay close attention. I know driving is dangerous, so I treat it like mountain climbing or any other dangerous activity.

 If I have to narrow my dangerous experiences down to one, Climbing magazine recently published an excerpt from the book, which was a good example of a time I could have easily died, become paralyzed, or some other nasty outcome:

 I survived because of good risk management practices.

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About the Author:
Robert Charles Lee is a retired risk scientist with over twenty-five years of academic and applied risk analysis, decision analysis, and risk management experience. He and his wife Linda have climbed hundreds of technical and non-technical mountain, rock, ice, and canyon routes, and hiked thousands of miles in several countries. Lee is also an avid musician and photographer.

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