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Creature Cat Tales by M.G. Rorai - Book Tour & Review

Life lessons for kids—as told by creature cats!

By M.G. Rorai

CREATURE CAT TALES, Children/Poetry, 68 pp.

This whimsical collection of poetic life lessons is sure to inspire positivity and values while delighting young readers with charming creature cat stories and illustrations. Come join the creature cats as they make learning fun—a purrfect addition to any kid’s collection. Suggested reading age 8-12.

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Mary was a water creature
with webbed feet and tail;
her kind glided through water
as naturally as whales.

Her brother swam strong
while her sister liked to splash
Mary liked neither;
she certainly wasn’t rash.

Her tribe would hold parties
in the ocean so vast;
Mary always stayed put;
Bereft, alone and outcast.

She remembered when they were little
Running up and down the beach;
Life was the cat’s meow
to use a figure of speech

Her mother taught them to wade
and paddle just like so
then dive into the deep
and catch the fish below.

Mary had a secret
that she never said out loud;
she kept it to herself;
this thought she was not proud.

Mary was afraid of drowning
she didn’t want to chance
breathing in the water
and doing a drowning-cat dance.

So she sat on the shore
while others went out to play
until she heard a desperate mew
coming from the water one day.

A cat had fallen
from an overhanging tree;
there were no other creatures around
she would have to go into the sea.

Mary gathered her courage
and paddled out to help;
She reached the kitten in time;
As she grabbed it, it yelped.

As she pulled the small one to safety
she saw a crowd had gathered
cheering her on;
showing how much she had mattered.

Back on the shore
her siblings praised her actions
she was their quick-thinking sister
Mary grinned with satisfaction.

After that day
Mary realized she swam well;
She stopped fearing the ocean;
And now has sea stories to tell.


Fear can hold back

some truly great moments;

have the courage to try

so you don’t regret postponements.


Creature Cat Tales is a delightful book of poetry geared more toward younger readers, but adults can enjoy it too. 
Each poem is about a different creature cat, and at the end, there is a life lesson to be learned. From were-cat to Franken-cat, spider cat and vampire cat, and even Wendigo-cat(!), there's sure to be a creature cat to appeal to everyone. And each lesson that goes along with the poem is important and easy to apply to everyday life.
The illustrations are super fun, and I just loved everything about this. I'm a sucker for cats, and a sucker for supernatural/paranormal creatures, so this was perfect for me. I enjoyed it so much.
5 stars!

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M.G. Rorai enjoys hanging with her cats and annoying her husband. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember and is slightly obsessed with cats.

Her latest book is Creature Cat Tales.

You can visit her website at or connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.

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