Diamond Blood

By Eric Danhoff

November 17 – 20

  • Purchase link: https://bookgoodies.com/a/B08P2CYKN3
  • Genre:  Children and adults, YA, short stories and poems… art!
  • Print length: 144 Pages
  • Formats available for the Tour: pdf, mobi, and Kindle Unlimited

About Diamond Blood
From the writer of Revenant Sun and the Paavo Harker Mystery comes a collection of stories and poems inspired by the paintings of his daughter. Enjoy these tales of space travel and monsters, of dreams and aging, of children lost and found.

My Review
Diamond Blood is a collection of short stories and poetry, along with some art, that will appeal to readers of most ages. Definitely more YA, but mature middle-grade readers may also enjoy some of the content within these pages. There is something for everyone, but I have to say, my favorite story is honestly probably the first one. It did the thing where it goes in a direction that was both expected but also unexpected. I kept thinking I knew what it was going to end up being, in terms of the "twist", but it ended up being something I hadn't considered. Same direction, different outcome.
The art included with each story is very Jackson Pollack in a way. It's eclectic, and I liked the addition of it to the book.
Overall, not a bad read. Not every story/poem will be a hit (and that's okay), but readers will be sure to find at least one, if not more, story or poem they consider their favorite.
4 stars!

About the Author
Eric Danhoff was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1986 and is the author of the Paavo Harker Mystery and cyberpunk story Revenant Sun. His latest work is the story collection Diamond Blood, inspired by the paintings of his daughter.


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