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Dr Amanda Brody has it all – or so it seems. 

Married to a leading medical consultant, with a fabulous career, two amazing children, and a beautiful house in the suburbs of Galway City. 

Everything is perfect – or is it? 

Because Amanda hides a secret. 

One she has lived with for years. A secret so terrible she has no doubt it will destroy her life if ever it is revealed.  

And this is exactly what happens, starting with a note pinned to her car, on it just four words: I Know Your Secret. 

Who knows her secret? Who does she turn to? Who does she trust?

 Amanda’s worst nightmare has just begun.

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‘But mum, now you have to tell me. What did happen? Are you going through something? Do you need to talk about it? I need to know. We need to know. You understand that, don’t you?’

      Amanda nodded. ‘Of course I understand, sweetheart.’ She paused, because she hated having to lie to her daughter, to her family. ‘I’m not going through anything. I was a little unwell, probably had a temperature, that’s all, but I’m fine now. You know, I had a patient one time who had a temperature of a hundred and three degrees, thought he was Superman, absolutely off his rocker. That’s what it can do. I’m sorry, but I’m fine now. ’

     Lauren looked at her gravely.

      ‘Are you sure, mum, there’s nothing else? You would tell me, wouldn’t you?’

      ‘Of course, Lauren, sweetheart, and I’m sure, there’s nothing else.’

     Lauren bit her lip. ‘You were sobbing, saying you were sorry. What were you being sorry for?’

     Amanda closed her eyes. ‘I don’t feel so good, darling, can we talk about this later?’

     She could feel her daughter’s eyes on her, could sense her debating what to do. Despite the medication, Amanda’s heart began to gallop, as the dark cloak of fear tightened about her again, each breath catching in her throat. She needed to change the subject.

     ‘How is your father taking all this?’

     ‘Well, you know dad.’

     Yes, Amanda thought, I do.

     ‘He’s concerned, mother, like we all are.’

     Lauren’s relationship with her father was much closer than Danny’s, and Amanda was always careful not to be seen to criticise Edward when around her. 

     She said with a forced laugh, ‘I have no clue what I was rambling about. Now, I’d like to rest a little while, darling, okay?’

     ‘Of course, mother.’

     ‘You can go if you want.’

     ‘No. I like sitting with you, if that’s alright?’

     ‘Of course... and Lauren?’

      ‘Yes, mother?’

      ‘Your dad. I don’t want to, I mean, I couldn’t face... Just, don’t tell him I was awake. I’ll talk with him in the morning, can you do that?’

      Lauren did not reply for a moment. ‘I understand, mother,’ she said. ‘Have some rest. Don’t worry about dad.’

      Amanda closed her eyes, and lay still, hearing the sounds as Lauren sat back in her chair by the bed. Never in her life had she felt so hopeless.

     What am I going to do?


Author Bio
I’ve been writing all my life and have an M.Phil in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Dublin. However, I never really had the confidence, or focus, to pursue it properly until relatively recently. I am a civilian employee of the Irish police, An Garda Síochána. Since 2014 I have written six novels, three published by Bookouture. More recently, I Know Your Secret, a domestic psychological thriller, will be published by Question Mark Press on November 1 next. I also like to play guitar, write the odd ditty, and sing American country songs.

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