Title: Vowed 

Author: Sara Celi 

Genre: Women's Fiction/ Contemporary Romance 

Release Date: November 22, 2021 

Cover Designer: The Author Buddy 

Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

I had the perfect wedding. I had the perfect husband. And I had the perfect life.

But a few months ago, it all shattered.

Mark and I went through an unimaginable loss. I’ve been sinking ever since and falling into an abyss of grief. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know who he is, either. It’s all a mess, and things are only getting worse.

Maybe I need to start over. Maybe I need a new life. And maybe he does too.

But what about our marriage?


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This time, my thoughts turned back to the baby shower. Two things stood out in my mind. First, a large part of me wanted to avoid it, wanted to pretend it wasn’t happening. Something inside me had known life would go on, that celebrations and milestones wouldn’t stop, but did this have to be the first one? Second, I hated the way Mark didn’t seem to understand why the event was such a trigger. That was the worst part. He’d been so cold about it, so stiff, so unfeeling . . . just like he’d been since Frances died. Robotic and mechanical would never have described him before. 


             Before that moment. Before that night. Before everything we had fell to pieces. 

The truth was, deep inside, I knew what I needed to do about it—the step I had to take to start us both on the road to something better. I’d been denying it for a long time, but I couldn’t push it away anymore. Mark’s few nights home late from work had turned into three nights a week, then four. Our weekends had become a blur of getting household chores done before winter set in. But I was already living in winter. It was already cold and dark to me. Our marriage was on its last few breaths and I knew it.

Amazon Top 100 and Barnes & Noble Bestselling Author, Sara Celi, has lived all over the United States. She calls the Midwest home, and lives in a tiny town just outside Cincinnati's city limits.

Before writing books, Sara worked as a TV anchor and reporter at television stations in Louisiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma. She also wrote articles for publications, magazines, and digital media across the country. While working as an evening anchor in Oklahoma City, she wrote what became her first published novel. The Undesirable came out in 2013. In 2014, Natural Love became an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Book, and was on the Barnes and Noble E-book bestseller list. Prince Charming followed as an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in 2015. Since then, several of her books have hit Amazon bestselling lists across three countries.

In her spare time, Sara likes to travel, hunt for good wine, add to her expansive handbag collection, hike into the woods, volunteer in her community, and push herself to be uncomfortable. Once an avowed pessimist, she's now an optimist who wishes she hadn't wasted so much time comparing herself to others. She married the love of her life in 2009 and became a mother in 2019.

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