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Your HR Ally by Melissa Hume - Book Tour

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This is my post during the blog tour for Your HR Ally by Melissa Hume. Your HR Ally will teach you how to become a proficient player in an organisation's political arena and kickstart your HR career into success.

This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours and the tour runs from 15 till 28 November. You can see the tour schedule here.

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Your HR Ally
By Melissa Hume
Genre: Non-fiction, Business
Release Date: August 16, 2021

Get started with a bang!
Are you ready to kickstart your HR career?

Your HR Ally is specifically written for those eager to prove their worth in the first few years of their HR career, or anyone looking to understand human resources practices. This book will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the important pillars of HR, starting from the very beginning of the employee life cycle—recruitment—to the cessation of employment and beyond. Addressing topics authors have traditionally avoided, such as corporate politics and internal tensions that can arise from being a HR practitioner, Your HR Ally will teach you how to become a proficient player in an organisation’s political arena and kickstart your HR career into success.

Build Your Personal Brand
Congratulations on taking ownership of your human  resources career and setting yourself up for success. This  book will give you the necessary exposure to areas of human  resources, which you may not have had the opportunity to  gain in the first few years of your career. Unlike other books, I  will not neglect the negative aspects of the Human Resources  (HR) profession so that you gain a holistic understanding as  a reader. You need to know what it means to work in HR;  what challenges you will face and just how rewarding it can  be. Before I launch into the beginning of the employee life  cycle, it is important for you to understand how you need to  position yourself from the onset of your career. It is critical for  you to create and build a personal brand and identity. As a HR  professional, people within your network need to know who  you are, what you stand for, and testify on your behalf to the  quality of your work. Having a positive reputation is key and  this falls into what I call a personal brand.  

Before you can start to build your personal brand, you need  to conduct your own self-evaluation. You need to assess your  career goals and what your aspirations are. If you are starting out in your career, then this is the perfect opportunity for you  to understand what you would like to achieve in your first few  years: What is your preferred industry? How would like to  build your network?  

By using the questions below to prompt your ideas, you  can formulate these goals. I recommend writing these in a  journal and dating each page as you progress. I personally use  this method so that I can track how my thoughts, feelings and  perspective on events and changes to my career evolve over time.  Self-reflection is key to you building a good personal brand.  

The first few questions are geared towards your degree of  self-awareness:  

• What current skills and experience do you have related to  HR? Or what skills do you have that are transferable to HR?  • What areas need improving? 

• What can you do to address these areas?  

• What would you like to do day-to-day in a job?  • How much do you want to get paid? 

• How much do you believe you can potentially be paid  for this job considering your current skill set and level of  experience?  

• What are your main motivations for pursuing a career in  human resources?  

Try and answer these questions as honestly as possible, as it  will allow you to understand what job opportunities you are  best positioned for.  

The next set of questions focus on what you want to achieve  once you have gotten your foot in the door and are planning  your career growth. 

As an entry level HR professional, you will start from a zero  baseline in terms of your personal brand. Most likely, your  network of other HR professionals and general colleagues  would be non-existent or quite small and it is up to you to start  growing this network. As you are gaining the first few years of  

experience, you should be actively thinking about how you can  ensure you have ample opportunities in the future and how  you will shine among all the other candidates out there in the  market. This is where setting goals and having a personal brand  comes into play.  

Starting with career goals, you should again use your journal  to note down what you would like to achieve in the next one to  three years, and then in the long term: 

• What are your family commitments at present? • What will they be in the next few years?  

• What are your financial goals? Are you looking to become  financially independent in the immediate or near future?  • Will you instead concentrate on climbing the corporate  ladder and establishing your career in the business world?  • What salary are you looking to earn in the next five and ten  

years of your career? What salary would you like to earn at  the age that you retire? 

These questions are to prompt you to think about what you  would like to achieve and to start setting deadlines.  Once you have all these in your journal, you have essentially  built the foundation of an action plan for your career. From  conducting an initial self-assessment and answering these  questions, you may even realise that working for organisations  or other people is not for you. 

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About the Author:
Melissa Hume is a Sydney-based HR professional with over ten years of experience in the field. She noticed a lack of Australian resources available to support those in the beginning stages of their careers and was inspired to author her first book Career Guidance for Now and for the Future – a practical guide to help you understand how companies recruit and select candidates. Your HR Ally is Melissa’s second book.

As a HR Excellence Awardee in 2021 and the founder of Career Guidance Now, Melissa is continually taking her career to new heights. She has a number of qualifications including a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Psychology.

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