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The Unraveling of Luna Forester by Marisa Noelle - Book Tour

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When his best friend Luna is found catatonic after a devastating house fire, Matthew begins to fall apart.

"Take care of them, Matthew."


"Protect my secret."

"Of course."

That's the promise he made to her only three nights ago. A solemn vow to protect their large found family of humans and supernatural creatures alike.

Fated to love her for the rest of his life, and unwilling to break his solemn vow, Matthew knows the only person who can help Luna is her grandmother. Through the woods they must go, just like a fairytale. But the forest is filled with deadly peril: poisonous black moss, chimeras, and worst of all, members of their family who don't want them to continue.

As they are picked off one by one, Matthew races to get Luna to safety, all the time doubting everything he thought was true.

Can Matthew untangle the twisted threads of Luna's secret before he himself unravels?

A dark fantasy horror with Little Red Ridinghood undertones, perfect for fans of Last House on Needle Street (Catriona Ward), Split (J.B. Salsbury), Legion (Brandon Sanderson), Pretty Girl 13 (Liz Coley), The Quiet at the End of the World (Lauren James), Primal Fear (William Diehl), & Tell me your Dreams (Sydney Sheldon).

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Author Q&A

1.     What would you consider to be your Kryptonite as an author?

Having enough time in the day! When you’re an indie author, it’s not just about the writing, but marketing and promotion and ads research and so much other stuff! Gah!

I also am not a confident editor. I’m getting better, but I second guess myself when making big picture changes. I prefer to have someone tell me what to do. Which is why CPs and editors are so important in my process.

2.    If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Haaa I used to write short stories that were blatant rip offs from the Sweet Dreams series. I am a romantic at heart. My mom always used to tell  me that I had great ideas, but didn’t know how to express them. I guess I learned! Ha!

3.    What book do you feel is under-appreciated? How about overrated?

There are so many underrated books. So many indie authors that struggle to get their books scene. And there is some incredible talent out there. AS for overrated. There are books I’ve picked up that I didn’t see what the “fuss” was about, but everyone’s taste is different, so maybe it’s not really a thing?

4.    Favorite childhood memory involving books?

My Dad reading to me from the story collection By Richard Scary. I have vivid images of the snake wrapping around a plane to hold it together! (maybe that’s why I don’t like to fly!) I loved to stay up late and read under the covers. And when I was a teenager I stole my mom’s spicy books to see what all that heat was about.

5.    If you could dine with any literary character, who would it be and why?

Gosh! So many. Hanibal Lecter. The criminal mind has always fascinated me. I studied psychology at university and had wanted to go on to be a profiler. Would also love to chill out with Katniss and chat about the games! Top be honest, I’m not sure if I have favorite characters as much as I have favorite worlds!

6.    What fantastical fictional world would you want to live in (if any) given the chance?

I always fancied wearing a ball gown, so maybe like Bridgerton, or The Selection. I’m a sucker for romance and would love to snag a true love with the swish of a skirt. As much as I love the horror and dystopian, I am not stepping in those worlds!

7.    Did you want to be an author when you grew up?

It came to me much later! I had always loved books and reading, but didn’t know I was capable of writing until my late 20s.

8.    If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Loyal. Bubbly. Thoughtful. (on my good days)

9. What is your most unusual writing quirk?

10. What’s one movie you like recommending to others?

World War Z. Inception. The Huger Games. Sorry, did you say 1?

11. If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be?

I have a dog. But I’d love a pet dolphin.

12. Have you ever met anyone famous?

I went to school with the singer Will Young. And at a different school, the daughter of Bruce Forsythe, so got to meet him a few times. Also Nicholas Holt on a film set.


1.     What is the first book that made you cry?

I really tend not to cry at books. But one that got me in the feels was A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

2.    How long, on average, does it take you to write a book?

If I’m not doing any promo etc, I can write a first draft in 4-6 weeks. Editing takes much longer as I like to rest the book between edits to get a fresh perspective.

3.    How do you select the names of your characters?

Depends on the book! For my mermaid series, every single name relates to water in some way. Sometimes if there is a cultural significance, I will look at appropriate names. Otherwise, I scroll through lists of names until one pops out at me.

4.    What creature do you consider your "spirit animal" to be?


Dolphin! I love the water and they are such happy creatures.

5.    What are your top 5 favorite movies?

Karate Kid (the original). Pirates of the Caribbean, Last of the Mohicans, Lost Boys, & The Greatest Showman.

6.    If you were the last person on Earth, what would you do?

OMG. I don’t think I’d want to live on my own but I’d never have the guts to do anything about it. Probably try and find some animals to exist with. This is an evil question!

7.    What fictional character would you want to be friends with in real life?

Katniss Everdeen. She’d keep me safe in the zombie apocalypse. Would also love my own characters to come to life. They’re all so real in my head!

8.    Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

There are 2 things I always say.

1 Persevere. If you quit, it will never happen. Rejections hurt, but you gotta keep going.

2 Find your tribe. Find a group of authors who support you. Go through the rejections together. It makes it so much less lonely.

9.    What book do you wish you had written?


Can’t you tell? The Hunger Games.

10.                    Tell us 10 fun facts about yourself!

I love to swim.

I can put my legs behind my neck.

I have 2 passports.

I have lived in the USA & UK.

My birthday is Christmas day.

I have a dog called Copper, named after the hound in The Fox and the Hound.

I am a girlie gamer.

I play Minecraft with my kids, and even have a few of my own worlds where I’ve clocked up sooo many hours!


11.  If you could live in any time period, what would it be and why?

Putting the corsets to one side, I’d quite like to live in the future. I’d like to see how we tackle the environmental issues. But also what developments in AI and genetic engineering come about. Will we be able to communicate telepathically? Go on vacation by teleport? So fascinating!

12. What is your favorite genre to read?

Supernatural horror & dystopian.

1.     When did you write your first book?

My first book was a memories of sots that took me a few years to write, and I’ve since turned it into a YA novel. I wrote that about 20 years ago. It is as yet unpublished.

2.    What sparks your creativity/how do you get your ideas?

 I have so many! I wish I could just download my brain sometimes. I get inspiration from TV shows, other books, conversations and a big one is my dreams.

3.    What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Swim! Watch movies! Play Minecraft with my kids! Go on dog walks. Get together with friends.

4.    What’s a typical writing day like for you?

Usually I take the kids to school, go for a swim, then get to my desk around 10am. There’s always promo to sort out and social media posts to schedule. I will spend some time on my own writing, whether it’s plotting, first drafting, editing etc. I also mentor for The Write Mentor Program and have a few clients that I work with every month. I doss around on Twitter for a bit talking to my writing friends, then I’m off to pick up the kids from school and be Mum again. I find my evenings get busy too as I am part of critique groups, taking and giving workshops, chatting with my agent in Canada.

5.    Do you listen to music when writing?

Never! I need absolute silence. The door is shut and my hubbie isn’t aloud in. Waaayyy too distracting.

6.    If you could have a dinner party with 3 other authors, who would they be?

Oh Gosh! Well probably Suzanne Collins. Dean Koontz (he is my hero), and all other authors. This is so hard to narrow down!!!!

7.    If you had to pick a celebrity to cast for your main character, who would it be?

 Ooohhh! Weirdly I haven’t actually thought about this! And really I have 2 main characters. So Luna could be Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), or Sadie Sink, or even Willow Shields. and Matthew might be Cole Sprouse (Riverdale), or Tom Holland. Gah! I’ve just been down a rabbit hole.

8.    If you could travel anywhere in the world to write, where would you go?

I would love to either have a view of the ocean, or be in a log cabin at the edge of an alpine lake. Water really centers me.

9.    Would you ever write under a pseudonym?

Noelle is actually my middle name. I would have another pen name if I changed genres drastically.

10.                    Do you have a favorite food/snack/drink when writing (or anytime)?

Just tea! Which always goes cold!

11.  How do you choose your book covers?

I have an amazing cover artist who has done all my covers. We talk about the book and the general concept. She’ll present me with 5 different ideas, then we choose 1 or 2 to build on until we get what we want! Her name is Fay Lane and she is amazing!

12. What’s one thing you’d like to say to your readers?

Thank you for your support! You make it all worthwhile!

Marisa Noelle is the writer of middle grade & young adult novels in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy & mental health including The Shadow Keepers, The Unadjusteds Trilogy (The Unadjusteds, The Rise of the Altereds, & The Reckoning), and The Mermaid Chronicles – Secrets of the Deep.

She is a mentor for the Write Mentor program that helps aspiring MG & YA authors. With dual citizenship, Marisa has lived on both sides of the Atlantic and uses settings in both the USA and UK as inspiration for her novels.

When she’s not writing or reading or watching movies, she enjoys swimming. In the pool she likes to imagine she could be a mermaid and become part of some of her make-believe words.

Despite being an avid bookworm from the time she could hold a book, being an author came as a bit of a surprise to her as she was a bit of a science geek at school. She lives in Woking, UK with her husband and three children. You can find her on Twitter @MarisaNoelle77 or her website

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