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A Stranger's Revenge by K.J. McGillick - Book Blitz

A Stranger’s Revenge

When art law attorney Abigail Clarke is mistaken for the murdered twin sister she never knew existed, will she be able to outwit a man determined to kill every member of her treacherous family.

Thirty years ago, during a thunderstorm, on an isolated street in South Boston, an unidentified two-year-old girl was discovered, abandoned, shot, barely clinging to life. After a thorough investigation, the case was eventually designated to the cold case files until Abigail Clarke, now an astraphobic art law attorney, is mistaken for the murdered twin sister she never knew existed.

 What the FBI Art Crime Division cannot determine is if Abigail is an innocent bystander or a co-conspirator in her sister’s art fraud crimes.

 Compelled to uncover all her family’s secrets, nothing prepares Abigail for the disastrous meeting with her murderous brother and crime boss father. Her life is irreversibly changed the more she becomes mired in her family’s treachery. She soon finds herself drawn into a game of cat and mouse by the vengeful killer who methodically plans to execute every member of her family, holding each one of them ultimately responsible for the murder of his own family thirty years ago.


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March 2021

The bar was dank, and the crowd looked rough. The drinks came cheap, and the food ladened with grease. Welcome to South Boston.

I followed Aisling Dolan into the bar an hour ago and watched her still nursing the beer she ordered from when she arrived. Was she meeting her contact here? Or was this just a stop-off place for some liquid courage? Her vibe screamed, “stay away from me or I will cut you.” But I patiently waited, and when she initiated eye contact with me more than once, that was my invitation to approach.

“Good evening. Do you mind if I sit next to you?”

“I’m told it’s a free country,” she said, turning away, and tipped her half-empty beer bottle to her lips.

I nodded.

“So, what brings a beautiful woman like you to America?” She was not my type, but the precious cargo in her possession made her my type for now.

“How do you know I don’t live here?” she asked, placing her beer on the bar, squaring off with me. One might think at first blush she was an Irish angel: red hair, freckles, and cerulean eyes. But I knew better.

I had studied her for months. If my charm did not convince her to see things my way, there were other, less pleasant ways to extract what I wanted from her.

“That Irish brogue, as a starter. And the glow of your skin could only come from the dew of Irish rain,” I replied, reaching out to touch a stray red hair.

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Is that the best you’ve got in your bag of tricks?”

I grinned and winked.

“Unfortunately, I have to cut this short.” She smiled. “I am meeting someone and cannot be late. If you take care of the bill and want to continue this party, then meet me at my hotel in an hour. I am staying at the Reeves Inn. It is down the street, room 235. Call from the lobby. Ask for Aisling Dolan.”

I smiled and motioned to the bartender to hand me her tab. “It will be my pleasure.”

The Dolan family’s day of calamity was at hand, and I was here to collect. I am looking forward to making your acquaintance next, Abigail Clarke.

Author Bio –

Kathleen McGillick is an attorney by education and writes mainly suspense and thriller novels.

She earned a B.S.N. from the University of Miami, and an M.S. from Adelphi University, after which she practiced nursing for seventeen years. In 1994, while working as a Registered Nurse, she earned a Juris Doctorate from the John Marshall School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. Her solo law practice in which she specialized in Family Law for twenty-seven years, centered on meeting the needs of women and children.

While practicing law, she turned to novel writing and has self-published ten novels that have recurring themes of legal intrigue and stolen art. As an avid international traveler, she incorporates many of the places she has traveled into the settings of her books. For the last fifteen years, she has immersed herself in the study of art history and the intrigue of crimes related to fakes and forgeries which she weaves into her character-driven complex plots.

Born and raised in New York, she now resides in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Kathleen is a grandmother of two teenage grandchildren and a mother to four fur babies.

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