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Magical Mountain by Asmaa Jamil - Book Blitz + Giveaway

Magical Mountain

by Asmaa Jamil


GENRE:   Fantasy



Magical Mountain is the first book in a four-part fantasy series, Kingdom of Treasures. The book retells the story of Cinderella from the fairy’s perspective, giving readers insight into a classic fairytale from a fresh viewpoint. Keeping things interesting, Magical Mountain also borrows plot and character elements from 1001 Arabian Nights (Two Sisters Who Were Jealous of Their Younger Sister). However, the story fosters its own exciting adventure as it focuses on the fairies and the story following the marriage.

In this tale of love, family, and betrayal, readers get a glimpse into what it means to be a true female hero from the fairy and human perspectives. In doing so, Magical Mountain veers from traditional fairytale conventions, in which men typically fulfill the hero role. The women in the story demonstrate what real courage and strength look like. In the end, the female characters prove to the reader that fighting with heart pays off.



The old man spoke in a surprisingly deep voice. “What brings you through this area?”

“I come in search of the Talking Bird, The Singing Tree, and the Golden Water. I have heard that they are somewhere in these parts of the land.”

The old man raised his eyebrows, and his smile disappeared.

“Another treasure hunter. Why would you want those? The treasures have never been found...”

Tius hid his impatience. “I’m still interested in the treasures, but I am not familiar with this area, can you please tell me where I can find them?”

The old man turned and faced the way Tius had come. “I can tell you the exact spot and how to get there, but I beg you not to go. Your life is too precious to be wasted on this adventure.”

Tius circled him. “Why do you think I should not pursue this?”

“It is too dangerous, and many men as brave as you have ridden down this road in search of these treasures. They come this route, and I beg them not to go, but they insist and unfortunately, not one has returned.”

Tius nodded gravely, listening to the old man. “What is the danger?”

“These treasures are protected, and some say, they are cursed.”

“My uncle, there is no protection from courage and a sword. Who guards these treasures?”

The old man gave him a solemn look. “Nobody knows because nobody has survived to tell the tale.”

“I greatly appreciate your concern for me, but nothing will make me give up my quest. Please show me the road I shall take.”

“Again, I beg you not to pursue these treasures. You have your entire life ahead of you. I have been here for years, and every man says the same thing. Not one, you hear me, not one has returned.” The old man pleaded.

Tius thrust out his chest, his stance strong. “I am here to fulfill a promise. If my destiny is to fail, then you shall not see me. If my destiny is to succeed, you shall see me upon my return.”

“Foolish boy. Very well, if you insist.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Originally from Northern Iraq, Asmaa Jamil was born into the Chaldean Christian ethnic group before moving to the United States, where she grew up. Leaving the corporate world not long ago to focus on her writing full time, Asmaa draws on her experiences living and working in several different countries to influence her creative process. While abroad, Asmaa learned about other cultures and their unique traditions, a key role in her development as a writer. 

Asmaa Jamil holds an MBA in International Business, a PGCert in Management Information Systems, and an MLA in Near Eastern Languages. Her two decades of professional experience in retail, wholesale and entrepreneurship brought her extensive cultural insights, working with diverse international teams in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.

Raised in a family of storytellers, Asmaa always felt inspired by the power of a narrative. Specifically, she found that family stories were the most captivating, as they speak to audiences of all ages with ease. Not to mention, Asmaa likes that family stories foster opportunities for household gatherings and traditions. 

Her first book, titled Magical Mountain from the Kingdom of Treasures series, explores influential female character roles. Outside of writing, Asmaa Jamil enjoys reading history and visiting historical sites around the world. She also has a fascination for connecting the old with the new, demonstrated through her storytelling. When it comes down to it, Asmaa is happy with a cup of coffee, great conversations with loved ones, and of course, good food.

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