Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Community by Heidi Visser - Book Blitz

The Community by Heidi Visser

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How much control is too much? 

It’s the question Nora must ask herself after illegally becoming pregnant. It’s not as if she planned it. In fact, the very opposite – she received drugs to prevent it, just like every other baby in the Community. Extra children equal extra food rations, an impossibility for a society that controls every last resource. 

She is on the cusp of having it all: perfect job, perfect fiancé, perfect wedding vaulting her from a Level Four to the uber-wealthy Level Six. Now this baby, and her rebellion against Community rules, is ruining everything. But it’s not just her life unraveling; it’s deeply hidden secrets that Nora’s escape threatens to reveal. She, along with the rest of the Community, must confront their past if there’s any hope of survival.

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