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Two Scoops, Too Much by Terri Boas - Book Blitz

Two Scoops, Too Much

Three’s a crowd, but not when it comes to best mates, Briony, Natalie and Lauren. As they tipsily toast the future down their favourite local, the Red Lion, the girls have never felt closer.

For Briony and Lauren at least, being intimate friends has taken on a whole new meaning. But as things between them heat up, does that mean they’ll need to put a label on their relationship?

And will their provocative plot to wreak revenge on Briony’s devious ex-lover, Mani, work out, or succeed only in putting her professional reputation on the line?

Meanwhile, Natalie’s affair with her sexy spin instructor, Jason, is now firmly behind her, and she is determined to keep the sparks flying with her loyal hubby, Martin. That is until a girls’ trip to a swanky London hotel reveals her head and her heart are still at dangerous odds; an epiphany that will have dire consequences.

As the friends unite in the face of an unbearable tragedy, they’ll need each other – and ice cream – more than ever before . . .

Trigger: Mental & Health and Suicide

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Briony and Lauren realised that they loved each other more than just friends at the end of Two Scoops, Not Three. The extract I have for you is from chapter 3, so very early into Two Scoops, Too Much. It is the beginning of a well thought out plan where the girls trick Mani into a false sense of security before they make him pay for inappropriately asking them for a threesome in the first book. Lauren didn’t trust Mani and unbeknown to him had recorded him asking her for the threesome behind Briony’s back.  

I hope you enjoy it.

With warmest regards,

Terri Boas

 Mani tried to open the door to the kitchen, but Briony had locked it from the inside. He pushed the handle down even harder. “Bri, are you in there? It’s ten,” he excitedly called.
The women gave each other a quick squeeze and the show began. Lauren sat elegantly in the wicker chair with her legs crossed, revealing her leather boot and stocking trim, while Briony pulled the bolt and opened the door.
Mani almost knocked Briony over as he bounced into the room. His energy deflated as soon as he saw Lauren in the corner.
“Morning,” Lauren cooed in her sexiest voice.
“What’s happening here?” Mani ran his hands through his hair while Briony slipped behind him and snapped the bolt back across the door. She appeared from underneath his arm. “But isn’t this what you wanted, Mani?” She could see a flicker of interest in his eyes as he looked from Lauren and  back to Briony in front of him. His forehead started to shine, and he reached for his handkerchief and wiped his brow. Both women had to stifle their laughter and avoid looking at each other.
They shared the opinion that men with handkerchiefs looked utterly ridiculous, and here in front of them was a prime example. The worst thing was that he was young, too.
“I’m not sure what you mean. Did you show her the recording, Lauren?”
Lauren bit her lip to prevent her laughter from bursting out. After licking her lips and pretending to consider her answer, she replied, “I sure did, Mani, but do you know what?”
He raised his shoulders in response and Lauren stood up. Right on cue, she and Briony sauntered over to the window. Lauren noted how Mani ran his eyes up her leg and to her waist, before bringing them to rest on her chest. She put her arm around Briony’s waist and pulled her in close. “We talked about it last
night, and we actually think you were onto something.”
The women locked bodies and pressed their cheeks together, facing Mani head on. Mani opened his top button and fanned his shirt, showing the girls that he was most definitely having a response to their show. “Really? You’re joking, right?”
“No, Mani, we’re really not,” said Lauren.
Briony pulled Lauren round to face her, leaned in and whispered softly, so that Mani didn’t hear, “Best show ever, Miss Scarlett.” Then she very gently kissed Lauren as Mani looked on. Briony loved kissing Lauren. There was no urgency like she often felt when kissing men. It was just lovely and slow and affectionate.
The girls broke away from each other and looked at Mani, whose caramel eyes were popping out of his head, just like Jim Carrey’s in The Mask. “I’m not gonna lie, that was very hot and most unexpected. Does it mean I can get in on the action?”
Lauren smiled at Briony and slowly walked across the room to Mani. She pushed her chest against his, whilst trying not to throw up. Getting intimate with a man was not in her soul, but she was doing it for Briony. She kissed his neck,  immediately wanting to spit out the aftershave taste and detesting the feel of his stubble on her lips. She put her arm    out to pull Briony in. Briony kissed Mani on the lips, while Lauren moved away from him and began gently kissing Briony’s face and neck. Then she unzipped her dress and carried onto her shoulders.
Lauren watched Briony’s hand slide down Mani’s shirt and over his belt. She unzipped his trousers and started rubbing  his growing erection. From the look on Mani’s face, she could see that her friend was an expert at what she was doing. She pulled Briony away from him. “Surprise!” she announced.
Mani caught his breath and had a sudden moment of clarity. He turned to the door and was relieved to see the bolt already in place. “You got this?”
Briony nodded. “I learned from last time and couldn’t risk Keith coming in again.”
Mani looked all around the kitchen, suddenly fearful. “Wait, wait, hold on a minute. Where’s the camera? Are you filming me again?”
“No, Mani,” said Lauren. “Like I said, Briony and I had a chat, and we think you’re right.”
In his relief, Mani didn’t question how convincing the girls sounded. It took him no time at all to unbutton his shirt down to his belt, revealing his tight, bulging pecks and the top of his six pack.


Author Bio –

Terri Boas lives in Hampshire with her husband, Rich, daughter, Portia and Pud, the cat. She works part-time at The Raven Hotel in Hook. Famous children’s author, Enid Blyton wrote the first of her hundreds of books right there!

Two scoops, not three is Terri’s debut novel.


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