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Cook It Eat It Live It by Jo Kenny - Book Tour & Review

Cook it Eat it Live it

Cook it Eat it Live it is written by Jo Kenny, food writer and owner of GirlEatsWorld.co.uk.
In this first publication, Jo offers readers a vibrant and varied collection of recipes inspired by both travel and family ties to the UK, Japan, Guyana, the Caribbean.

This delicious collection of every day recipes satisfies appetites for light bites, indulgent dinners, fresh sides and delicious desserts.You’ll find a spectrum of dishes from rich, earthy flavours to fresh aromatics giving you meals to enjoy year round. All recipes are firm favourites in Jo’s own household and cooked regularly. This is family style, every day inspiration to ensure no more boring dinners.

Recipes are punctuated with stories of travel, food inspirations and a personal philosophy of enjoying food unapologetically. Cook it Eat it Live it is about finding happiness in the little things and injecting some joy into every day life through wholesome, exciting meals.

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My Review
Cook It Live It Eat It is an easy to follow cookbook filled with both recipes and stories/pictures from the author's travels (most of which inspired the dishes featured in the book). From Asian cuisine to Caribbean cuisine, there's something new and unique for readers to try. 
The one thing I did notice about a lot of the recipes is that they use rice or pasta. Lots of dishes with rice/pasta are featured. If that's not your thing, then this cookbook may not be for you. But even with that being said, there are still many other intriguing sounding dishes to make.
Some of the recipes I thought seemed like they might be good were:

Creamy Chicken and Smoked Bacon Stew with Cheesy Mash
Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Noodle Soup
Mac & Cheese with Caramelized Onion and Bacon Crumb
Spinach Ravioli with Lemon and Sage Butter
Ultimate Roast Potatoes
Basically all of the desserts (I love sweets!)

I enjoyed discovering new recipes, seeing the photos to accompany them, and even reading the stories about the author's travels. The only downside to the cookbook is, I'm American, so some of the measurements have to be converted (like 120g cold butter is an entire stick, or 8 tbsp). But other than that, I rather enjoyed reading through this cookbook, and I can't wait to try some of the recipes.
4 stars!

Author Bio – Jo is a food writer from Bedford, living with her husband Alex, newborn son and Kimchi the cat. Her website GirlEatsWorld.co.uk was founded in 2012. Starting out as a personal space to capture cooking and food adventures, it has evolved into a public hub for recipes, cooking guides and food inspiration. Jo is passionate about fresh ingredients eaten joyfully, intuitively and adventurously.


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