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Hope Strong & Embaby Elio by Christina Oberon - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Hope Strong

Christina Oberon

154 pages
KOKO Press August 7, 2019

For 10 percent of women worldwide, the road to motherhood is bumpy, painful, and heartbreaking. For some, it can cause a complete collapse of emotions. This is the reality for those plagued by infertility. In this book, Christina Oberon will help you discover that infertility does not define you! She helps guide you through the rollercoaster of emotions that infertility brings, so you can find inner joy, which rests on hope. The more confident you are in your expectation, desire, and anticipation of God’s promises, the stronger you are able to carry hope through your storms. Hope brings you closer to your dreams by altering your mindset to focus on the possible, rather than the impossible, and rests firmly in that belief. The words on these pages will open your heart and mind to view your infertility journey in a new light, one that offers strong hope instead of deep despair.

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Embaby Elio

Christina Oberon

22 Pages
November 12, 2020
Ages 2-5

Elio was created in a different way than most babies. He is determined to grow from an embryo into the baby of mommy and daddy's dreams. How will he get from their dreams into their arms? Come join Elio on his bumpy adventure to meet his mommy and daddy!

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Embaby Elio is a unique (and adorable) children's book that showcases Elio, who was created in a special way and is now on a journey to grow from an embryo into the perfect baby for his parents. The story touches upon how some babies don't come about normally and have to be specially made (IVF). But it's done in a cute, kid-friendly way, and the illustrations really help make the story easy to follow along with. Will the story spark conversation from curious young readers who may want to try and understand it a bit more? I think it will, yeah. 
I also like that this book is written from the point of view of the embryo (aka Elio). He wants to be perfect so his mommy and daddy will get the baby of their dreams. It's his journey from extraction, freezing, implantation, and then birth. It's very creative and fun, and I think kids will enjoy discovering something special within the pages of this book.
5 stars!

Author Bio:

Christina Oberon grew up in Hawaii with a large family of ten siblings. When she relocated to Southern California, she met and fell in love with her husband, Kevin. They experienced nearly four years of infertility before conceiving their son, Kai, via in vitro fertilization. Kai was born in 2018. He is a wonderful blessing and reminder of Christina and Kevin's faith and hope for a family of their own. Christina enjoys raising her son, traveling with her family, reading, writing, hiking, and taking photographs.

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  1. I've also enjoyed this little book and Christina's memoir very much as well!

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