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Killer of Giants by Steven L. Shrewsbury - Book Tour

Welcome to an exciting blog tour featuring Steven L. Shrewsbury and his new, action-packed heroic fantasy novel, Killer of Giants! The tour takes place April 18-25 and readers of fantasy, sword and sorcery, and dark fantasy will love exploring first story of the Keltos warrior Rogan!

The blog tour features reviews, guest posts, and interviews, so don’t miss any of the activities taking place on the participating blog sites!

Book Synopsis for Killer of Giants
In an antediluvian world, Keltos warrior Rogan emerges as the lone survivor of a battle. Slaying a Nephilim giant from Shynar, Rogan takes back the mammoth his folk gifted the kings.

Soon, warriors are sent to recapture the mammoth and bring it to the Lord of the world, Zazaeil, a demon in human flesh, and the Nephilim giant Marduk, in the fabled city of Irem.

After learning that his sister is to be a sacrificial bride to Marduk, Rogan journeys to Irem in the company of Elisa, a warrior herself, whose mother is a wizardess. With a horde of warriors in pursuit, they encounter many evils, monsters, and challenges to their selves and souls.

Will the song of Rogan’s blood make him strong enough to be the Killer of Giants?

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Author Interview

1.     When did you write your first book?
A: I wrote what we’d now call a “fan fiction” of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA when I was about 13. In the 90s, I wrote a few books that will never be pubbed, but by 2004, my historical fantasy novel GODFORSAKEN saw print for real.

2.    What sparks your creativity/how do you get your ideas?
A: Sometimes it’s listening to music, other times a word or phrase will start things going. Reading historical works oft inspires me.

3.    What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
A: I work a great deal at an industrial plant, but I work outside here on the farm, attend sporting events of my youngest son, play cards with some older friends, watch bad wrestling & good movies, and read a lot.

4.    What’s a typical writing day like for you?
A: Even on days I don’t work, I often get up at 3AM, shower, make coffee, wrangle the dog & cat, then settle in to write if inspired. I can write anywhere, though, airport terminals, laundromats, my late mother’s chemo sessions, book stores…I wrote really well in hotels, oddly enough.

5.    Do you listen to music when writing?
A: At times, but it isn’t a necessity. I listen to hard rock, bluegrass, death metal, outlaw country, even some Wagner.

6.    If you could have a dinner party with 3 other authors, who would they be?
A: Kurt Vonnegut, Robert E. Howard and Louis L’Amour. I think that’d be entertaining. Karl Edward Wagner could bring us drinks.

7.    If you had to pick a celebrity to cast for your main character, who would it be?
A: Perhaps a younger Sam Elliot as Gorias La Gaul. Clint Eastwood as Joel Stuart, my one armed gunslinger. As Rogan? Not sure. Maybe Kristofer Hivju (That’s Tormund from GAME OF THRONES).

8.    If you could travel anywhere in the world to write, where would you go?
A: Wales

9.    Would you ever write under a pseudonym?
A: Prolly not, but I have joked about writing a redneck Romance as such.

10.                    Do you have a favorite food/snack/drink when writing (or anytime)?
A: I drink black coffee, strong stuff. I never eat as I write, but I am currently a fan of cheese crackers.

11.  How do you choose your book covers?
A: Ugh, that’s a pill at times. I try to tell folks what I want, other times they just arrive.

12. What’s one thing you’d like to say to your readers?
A: Pick up KILLER OF GIANTS. It’s a great adventure in fantasy, rough and wild, and you won’t be bored. After that, check out my other works. KILLER tells the tale to Rogan as a younger man, but there is a trilogy about him as an aged warrior I wrote with Brian Keene (BASTARD books). Escape this place of social media and journey back in time to a place where the people struggled to survive in a world of savagery and monsters walked the earth.


About the author:  Award-winning author STEVEN L. SHREWSBURY lives and works in Central Illinois. He writes hardcore sword & sorcery, fantasy and horror novels. Twenty of his novels have been published, including KILLER OF GIANTS, BEYOND NIGHT, BORN OF SWORDS, WITHIN, OVERKILL, PHILISTINE, HELL BILLY, THRALL, BLOOD & STEEL, STRONGER THAN DEATH, HAWG, TORMENTOR and GODFORSAKEN. His horror/western series includes BAD MAGICK, LAST MAN SCREAMING, MOJO HAND and ALONG COME EVENING. He has collaborated with Brian Keene on the works KING OF THE BASTARDS, THRONE OF THE BASTARDS & CURSE OF THE BASTARDS and Peter Welmerink on the Viking saga BEDLAM UNLEASHED. A big fan of books, history, the occult, religion and sports, he tries to seek out brightness in the world, wherever it may hide.

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