Logistics – A Christmas Story, By Chris Coppel

Book information

 ·        Purchase link: http://mybook.to/Logistics_ChrisCoppel

·        Genre:  Folktales and Myths; Holiday fiction

·        Print length: 198

·        Age range: This is an adult novel but suitable for all ages

·        Trigger warnings: None

·        Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars


About Logistics – A Christmas Story

After being abandoned at the age of two and a half, Holly Hillman was raised without whimsy or fantasy. She was taught that there were no such things as Santa Claus, fairies, elves or any other accepted fantasies that help a child deal with the harder realities of life. Now in her forties, she is the CEO of a Fortune 400 company. She rose to the top through hard work, but also by living without distractions or social attachments. Despite her rigidly ingrained dedication, Holly was content with her life, having never lived by any other tenet. Everything was perfect until she was required to give her DNA as part of a health check leading up her company’s merger with an Asian conglomerate.

The results of her test unlocked the secret of her unique ancestry, leading to her having to confront a fantastical truth that would forever change her views on life and reality itself.


Praise for Logistics – A Christmas Story


“A Christmas Story by Chris Coppel begins by telling the life story of a trying family. Tony Brusco, his wife and their two children found a baby girl while opening the gifts under their Christmas tree… This is now my favorite book that I reviewed so far. “Amazon Review


“Fast paced and well sculpted, this is a sci-fi story that rises to the top of the genre. Chris Coppel is an author with the gift! Recommended.”  Amazon Review


“Perfect Tale for Christmas. Logistics is a story of an incredible woman who keeps her life devoid of distractions. She eats the same oatmeal breakfast, wears the same dress to the office, and keeps her office devoid of any personal items to save herself from distractions and keep her mind singularly focused. Despite the healthy bank balance and a very reputable position, she feels her life lacking and incomplete. Then a compulsory DNA test for a business contract unveils secrets about her true identity and makes her believe in magic and true love. The story is nice and beautifully presented. “Amazon Review

Logistics is an interesting yet heartwarming story about a woman who discovers she's the daughter of Santa Claus. Yes, the big man in the red suit is her father. But there's so much more to it than that.
Holly Hillman is a woman who leads a very dull life. She wears the same dress every day. She eats the same breakfast every day. She's solely focused on her job. She even broke up with her boyfriend because he was a distraction. Too bad he works for her...
To be fair to Holly, though, she's had a crappy life up to this point. Abandoned, put in foster care, and raised by a couple of really weird families. Holly doesn't need anything crazy in her life anymore. As the CEO of her company, it's all about focus and dedication to the job.
But that all changes the day she has to take a DNA test as part of a merger. It's this test that throws Holly completely off her axis and into a world she never knew existed. Santa is real, and he's her father.  But how? And why did he abandon her all those years ago?
I actually really enjoyed this story. I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into it, but I was intrigued by the synopsis and wanted to read it. And even though I found Holly kind of annoying at the beginning, by the end, I was so happy for her. She definitely has a nice little character arc and becomes a much better person. 
And even though the story isn't very long, the world building (in terms of all the stuff with Santa) is very well done. Unique and magical. That was a nice touch. 
Overall, this was a fun little read. Definitely a bit outside the box, but quite enjoyable. It may take a little bit to kick in, but once it does, you won't want to put it down.
4 stars!


About the Author

“I  was raised the son of a writer. My father wrote plays, films and novels. He was successful and suffered constant wanderlust. I was born in America when he was there writing Vertigo for Alfred Hitchcock. I give that familial insight so that you can understand that I had the genes, I just needed to find my footing and get up the nerve to put pen to paper (or to be more accurate…open my laptop). Many would say that having a successful parent should make it easier to follow their path under the protective shadow of their parent’s success. Not so!

Writing is difficult. Writing in the hopes that you will be read and your works appreciated is terrifying. In my case, the fear of failure kept my ideas and stories buried in a back closet within my brain. It is only now as I enter the latter part of my existence that I have been able to calm the fear and share my stories with those who may wish to read them.

I would like to think that it was my choice to write about things that go bump in the night, but it wasn’t. I had no idea that I would one day write tales of horror, but that is now what I do. With each new book, I feel drawn further into the dark void that we feel but rarely see.

I hope you will join me.”