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Style and the Solitary by Miriam Drori - Book Blitz + Giveaway

Style and the Solitary

An unexpected murder. A suspect with a reason. The power of unwavering belief.

A murder has been committed in an office in Jerusalem. That’s for sure. The rest is not as clear-cut as it might seem.

Asaf languishes in his cell, unable to tell his story even to himself. How can he tell it to someone who elicits such fear within him?

His colleague, Nathalie, has studied Beauty and the Beast. She understands its moral. Maybe that’s why she’s the only one who believes in Asaf, the suspect. But she’s new in the company – and in the country. Would anyone take her opinion seriously?

She coerces her flatmates, Yarden and Tehila, into helping her investigate. As they uncover new trails, will they be able to reverse popular opinion?

In the end, will Beauty’s belief be strong enough to waken the Beast? Or, in this case, can Style waken the Solitary?


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This man still hasn’t been named, but he’s clearly the same one who trudged all the way home, keeping his head down.

He drew a hand across his aching head and blinked to focus his eyes. The living room came into view, though still obscure. He blinked again and winced at the random objects strewn all over the dusty floor. A towel, a shaver, a sweater, a book, loose pages torn from a folder in a fit of frustration, a needle, a coat. Iris would have hated the mess. So would he…once.

Memory flashed over him. He’d thrown down the coat and picked up a blanket before falling asleep on the sofa. It had been daytime. Day, night – what did it matter? It was all the same to him.

Once, it was important. They had a schedule, he and Iris. Getting up, breakfast, the short walk to the campus. They did it all together, every day, for thirty years. Children weren’t to be, but they had each other. It was all they needed.

He was the poet, but she, the historian, was the one who discovered that Shelley’s wife kept Percy’s heart for thirty years. “Let’s do that,” she said. Her eyes lit up with inspiration. She was so beautiful, so perfect. “Whoever is left will keep the other one’s heart in a drawer of their desk. Then we’ll never be apart. Okay?”

It was easy to talk of dying when they were young and that prospect was – had to be – a long way into the future. Without hesitation, he agreed to her request, never imagining that he would be the one left behind, or that it would come to pass so soon.

They didn’t let him keep the heart. It didn’t fit Jewish tradition, they said. Instead, he used a brooch he’d given her for an anniversary. Surely, that was in the tradition, like all the symbols of the first night of Passover – the blend of apple, cinnamon and wine called charoseth symbolising mortar, wine for blood, and so on. He and Iris weren’t religious, but they’d continued the tradition of the seder night, often celebrating with Guy and his family. Their parents had unfortunately died too soon, but that had made the brothers more aware of the importance of family and keeping close.

The brooch was made of silver and in the shape of a heart. She’d kissed him and thanked him when he presented it to her, and he’d drawn her in close for a hug. Now, it lived in a transparent plastic box in the top drawer of his desk, in a corner of the living room. The box had a rectangular cross-section, like a coffin. He often opened the drawer and talked to it, but she never responded, probably angry that it wasn’t her real heart. “I did what I could,” he wailed to her. But answer came there none. And when he thought of those words, he wept again. For relaxation, they often used to read nonsense rhymes together, and The Walrus and the Carpenter was one of Iris’s favourites.


Author Bio –

When Miriam Drori says she loves to perform, people don’t believe her. When she says she’s not shy, they think she’s delusional. The fact is, things ain’t what they seem. A witch called social anxiety took away her ability to be spontaneous, but it didn’t change her exhibitionist nature. You need to watch her dancing or speaking before an audience to understand that.


Fortunately, she has found an outlet for her thoughts in writing, a solitary activity with multiple recipients. She never doubted her ability to write, but only in recent years has she managed to gather her views and observations together into papier-mâché balls worth throwing far and wide.


If you ignore the witch, life has been good to Miriam, especially since she made the decision to move from the UK to Israel. She has a wonderful husband, three lovely children and a delightful house. She loves to read, travel, hike and dance. She has worked in computer programming and technical writing, and now enjoys the freedom and versatility of creative writing. And she believes passionately in raising awareness of social anxiety.

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