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Ten Thousand I Love Yous by Lisa Slabach - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Book Details:

Book Title:  Ten Thousand I Love Yous by Lisa Slabach
Category: Adult Fiction 18+, 303 pages 
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher:  BookBaby
Release date:  February 2022
Content Rating:  PG-13 + M for handful of f-bombs and semi-explicit sex scenes; mature themes discussing sexual mores and adult relations; no abortion, violence or abuse.

Book Description:

In this humorously touching novel by the critically acclaimed author of Degrees of Love, a woman is blindsided when her high school sweetheart abandons her after eighteen years of marriage.

At sixteen, Kimberly Kirby thought the only thing she needed to be perfectly happy was to spend the rest of her life with Jay Braxton. Twenty years later, she still believes it. As they proudly watch their daughter, Haley, graduate from high school, she imagines her life is as perfect as anyone could reasonably expect. Jay is a formidable attorney, she a freelance writer, and their love as strong as ever. With Haley heading to UC Berkeley in the fall, Kimberly fantasizes about making love on the kitchen table. She has no clue that Jay’s bags are already packed.

Now divorced and determined to squelch her love for Jay, she accepts a gig writing a sex and dating blog for divorcees. As the Virgin Dater, she is on the hunt for love. No-strings-attached nights with a sexy fireman and moving to San Francisco are just what she needs to boost her battered ego and mend her shattered heart.

But just as she falls hard for a talented young chef, Jay fights to win her back. Torn between her bold new life and the comfort of Jay’s strong arms, she questions if there is too much to forgive. The ten thousand I love yous that had passed Jay’s lips can’t be dismissed, but nor can her newfound freedom and the knowledge that her happiness doesn’t depend on Jay.

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Guest Post
Getting Personal
Because I write in first person, I am frequently asked if the main character is me and how much of the story is based on my personal experience. Both are legitimate questions and I take the inquiries as a compliment. It means that I have successfully made my character so believable that readers question how much of the story is based on real events. I hope it also indicates that I have made my characters relatable and grounded in a recognizable world.

One of the reasons that I write in first person is because I find it easier to submerge myself in the mindset of the main character, to feel and think as the character would. Once upon a time, I was an actress, and my actor instincts kick in when I write from that perspective. Through the process, my goal is to expose the character’s innermost world and emotionally engage the reader. Of course, I must later don an editing hat, rein in the emotion, and shape the story!

All of this does not answer the questions of how much the main character is me and how much of the story is fictious. As an author, there are aspects of my personality that come out in all of my characters.  I am less like Kimberly in Ten Thousand I Love Yous in terms of background and surface traits, but very like her in introverted ways, inherent optimism, and love of cooking. I have never been divorced or been a teenage mother. At the same time, I married at a relatively young age and have been married for a long time. I have experienced being at odds with my husband, who like Jay, Kimberly’s ex-husband, is a litigation attorney who works in Sacramento and is handy around the house. Other than that, my husband is quite different from Jay.

They say there is some truth in all fiction. The aspect of truth that most readers will find surprising is my affinity with Jay. Years ago, when my children were little and my husband was just out of law school, we went through a rough patch that almost destroyed our marriage. I felt very unseen and taken for granted by my husband. I was so angry with him that I convinced myself that I did not love him anymore and asked for a divorce. Thankfully, my husband is a very stubborn man and insisted we go to counseling, which we did. It really helped us see each other again in a new light and reopened our communication, which had shut down during his law school years that we struggled through with two toddlers. I realized that I did really love him, which was why I hurt so deeply, and that I had to let go of my anger if I was ever going to forgive him and let love back in my heart.

So is the main character me? No. Did the events really take place? No. But the emotional terrain journeyed in the story crosses the scars of my heart and that is the truth about how personal Ten Thousand I Love Yous is to me.




Meet the Author:

Ten Thousand I Love Yous is Lisa Slabach’s second novel.

Prior to publication, her first novel, Degrees of Love was recognized as a Best Book of 2014 by Kirkus Review. Degrees of Love made its publishing debuted December 1, 2017 and was nominated for a 2017 Reviewer’s Choice Award by RT Book Reviews.

In addition to writing, Lisa is a Fintech Relationship Executive for a Fortune 500 Company. She is a long-time resident of Northern California and lives with her husband, one-hundred-forty-pound puppy and numerous goldfish. In her free time, she enjoys wine tasting, shopping with her daughters, and cooking in her pink kitchen.

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