Saturday, April 9, 2022

The Only Man by A.S. Kelly - Book Tour

 The Only Man

I was a different man, once.

I was a man with only one woman on my mind the only woman I wanted to hold in my arms.

I was her man.

But things change. Life changes you. Choices, mistakes, resentment: they all change you.

So do unkept promises.

We hurt each other. We loved each other, then hated each other, then missed each other, then grew apart.

And then

One day, we found each other again.

At the wrong time, in the wrong place.

Because the two of us are wrong together were too far apart, too incompatible.

Were the main characters of a story that doesnt belong to us.

But I still keep loving her, even though she hates me.

And she keeps hating herself, because she cant help but love me.

And we keep searching for each other, even though were destined to lose each other.


I wish I could be a different man, just once.

I wish I could be the kind of man whos ready to give everything for the woman he loves.

Someone who was ready to let her go.

Because I want her to be happy more than I want her to be mine.

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Author Bio

A. S. Kelly was born in Italy but lives in Ireland with her husband, two children and a cat named Oscar.

She’s passionate about English literature, she’s a music lover and addicted to coffee.

She spends her days in a small village North of Dublin, looking for inspiration for her next stories.

Rainy Days is her debut novel.



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