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The Secrets We Conceal by S.R. Fabrico - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway


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Book Details: 

Book TitleThe Secrets We Conceal by S.R. Fabrico
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  300 pages
GenreComing of Age, Women's, Psychological and Family, Relationships Abuse/Child Abuse
Publisher:  S.R. Fabrico
Release date:  March 15, 2022
Content Rating:  R. Maybe more PG-13 +M. There are 3 chapters of sexual abuse and approximately 5 total curse words.

Book Description:

A riveting coming of age story, that will make you laugh, cry and root for Laura to find happiness.
Laura Shirk is a normal, happy, go-lucky, little girl playing with Cabbage Patch dolls and Legos. Until she isn’t. Set in the late 1980s-early 90s, a visit to her aunt and uncle’s house changes everything.

What follows is a nerve-racking story shedding light on child sexual abuse. As the tragedy unfolds, Laura mutters through life concealing her secret from everyone. Feeling alone and isolated, she struggles to navigate her younger years wondering if she can or will ever find happiness.

Then, Laura meets ‘the perfect man’ for her. Can he heal her heart and break down her steel walls?

The Secrets We Conceal, S.R. Fabrico’s debut novel is a riveting coming of age story that beautifully conveys how love and strength can heal all wounds. 

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The Secrets We Conceal is a book that is difficult to read at times. It's also very stressful, especially at the beginning. Considering the book does deal with sexual abuse of a child, it's not hard to understand why. And while I did have to put the book down a few times, I was ultimately invested, and hopeful, wondering just how it would all play out.
The book follows Laura, and it starts out when she's a young girl. She's happy-go-lucky and eager to spend time with her cousin. But one visit to her aunt and uncle's house changes everything. And everything from that point on shapes how the rest of the story goes. It's emotional at times. Heartbreaking at times. And there were times, especially the buildup to "the event" at her aunt and uncle's house, where my anxiety and stress levels were so high that I thought I couldn't breathe. Just waiting, knowing it was going to happen but not sure when, was very nerve-wracking. 
The book is very well-written, though, and it deals with the tough subject matter in a way that doesn't seem icky or anything else that may be considered negative. It shines a light on something a lot of people don't like to talk about (or don't want to), and it's not an easy read. 
I felt for Laura. I truly did. While I can't say I ever experienced anything like what she went through (as far as I know), I do know a couple of people who did, and it's not hard to want to protect them and keep them safe. To make everything just go away and make it all better, even though you can't or don't even know how/where to start. 
But Laura was a very real character, and she was tough, even after everything. While she had moments where things seemed bleak, ultimately, Laura persevered and the book ends with a more hopeful and uplifting tone. The journey to get there, though... 
If you're looking for a book that will turn you into an emotional, stressed-out mess, look no further than The Secrets We Conceal. While it deals with tough subject matter, it's very well worth the read.
4.5 stars!


 Meet the Author:

Born a raised a Yankee who loves NY style pizza and Philly cheesesteaks. I was introduced to the amazing world of Southern BBQ after moving to Tennessee where I live with my husband and two children. My family is my main priority, everything I do is for them. I attended college in the 90’s and received a degree in mathematics with a minor in secondary education, I went on to coach cheerleading and dance for 20 years and won a Hip Hop Dance World Championship. Anything and everything creative are my absolute favorite, so writing has always been a hobby. When I’m writing, I like to wife hard, mom hard, paint, read good books and watch good movies.

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