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Escaping with Her Saxon Enemy by Sarah Rodi - Book Tour

Escaping With Her Saxon Enemy

Her tempting enemy is a chink in her armour!

Viking shield maiden, Svea Ivarsson, would far rather face Saxon warriors than be on the run with the fiercely captivating Lord Ashford Stanton, protector to the Saxon King. Reaching Ash’s family castle, Svea must swap her chainmail for life as a Lady. She can wield a sword like an expert, but no training has prepared her for craving the touch of her greatest enemy…

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Danish shield maiden Svea Ivarsson and Saxon Lord Ashford Stanton were leading the royal convoy through the forest when they were attacked by armed men. They fight the raiders, and get separated from their people, who are now being rounded up as captives... they are now alone together and on the run...

She glanced round to see a shallow expanse of water now lay before them and their convoy—who were quickly being surrounded by the rest of the raiders who had charged out of the forest. And, to her horror, she saw that they were rounding up prisoners—the King included. She looked on in dismay as her men—her loyal friends who were usually so strong—reluctantly dropped their weapons in defeat.

‘Quick. Come with me. This way,’ Lord Stanton said, tugging her into the treeline, hiding them

from view.

She struggled against his hold, trying to resist retreat. It went against every bone in her body to fall back, to surrender when people needed her help, when she’d been wronged. But Lord Stanton was

too strong.

‘What are you doing? We have to help the King… our men…’

She attempted to wrestle with him as he pulled her further into the dense forest. Rage ripped through her blood now, that ambushers had dared attack her, threaten her, and she wanted to fight back. She was so angry. And what was Lord Stanton doing? Why wasn’t he fighting? Why was he sheathing his sword?

And why was his touch sending flames flickering across her skin?

‘Stop it!’ he growled.

‘We can’t just leave them!’ she said, her hands trying desperately to push him away, to release herself from his hold.

This wasn’t the man she’d just seen, who had fought so effortlessly, so fearlessly… This wasn’t the man her brother had spoken of, who wasn’t scared of anyone or anything.

‘We can’t just give up. We need to fight!’

‘And we will,’ he said, releasing her arm in favour of gripping both her shoulders. ‘Believe me, there’s nothing I want more than to make those men sorry they attacked us. But we need to think. Be strategic. Our men are surrounded. If we keep fighting it will be just us against a small army.’

She wasn’t sure if it was his words that helped to appease her, or his large warm hands grounding her, but she stopped trying to hurl herself back into the fray. She shucked him off and wrapped her arms around her waist.

‘And you nearly got yourself killed, dammit!’ he growled. He ran his fingers through his hair, tucking the strands that had begun to come free back into the knot.

That was the least of their issues—she’d survived, hadn’t she? In fact, she’d seen off five or so men before she’d been thrown to the ground. It was the King they should be worrying about. Although now the adrenalin was wearing off she had to admit she did feel a little edgy. She’d lost her horse. Her friends had been taken captive. She’d been attacked! And he’d saved her—a Saxon!

She swayed on her feet and he caught her by the elbow again.

‘Are you sure you’re all right?’ he asked, as he eased her down onto a fallen tree trunk.

‘Don’t touch me!’ she spat.

‘A woman like you shouldn’t be fighting, Svea. You’ll just be seen as bait—a temptation to these men. I told you not to come!’

Anger erupted inside her and she leapt back off the tree trunk, her face riotous. ‘I’m as good a fighter as any of your men!’

A woman like you. She didn’t like the vitriolic way he’d said it. What did he mean? Was her reputation at stake here?

The rage that had erupted inside her was quickly replaced by cold dread, and she ran her hand over the metal kransen around her arm. A symbol of her virginity. She felt a fraud for wearing it. But she was sure neither her brother nor his new wife would have said anything about her past…not to this man. Yes, he had been Princess Anne’s guard before she’d married Brand, but he was still practically a stranger.

Feeling unsteady on her feet, she slumped back down again. She did not want to be seen as a temptation. Never. And the fact that he had described her as such—as bait—sent a warning signal

through her. She had to get away from this man.

Lord Stanton seemed to have the opposite idea. He drew a hand over his face, as if to gather his thoughts, then slowly crouched down in front of her. He looked into her eyes.

‘I’m sorry. You’re right,’ he said calmly. ‘You fought well, Svea. I didn’t know women could fight like that. You were as good as any of my men.’


Author Bio – Sarah Rodi has always been a hopeless romantic. She grew up watching old, romantic movies recommended by her grandad, or devouring love stories from the local library. Sarah lives in the village of Cookham in Berkshire, where she enjoys walking along the River Thames with her husband, her two daughters and their dog. She has been a magazine journalist for over 20 years, but it has been her lifelong dream to write romance for Mills & Boon. Sarah believes everyone deserves to find their happy ever after. You can contact her via @sarahrodiedits or Or visit her website at

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