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The Good News Is, You Don't Have Endometriosis by Jade Barrett - Book Blitz

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How I Survived IVF With My Sanity (Mostly) Intact


Nonfiction / Fertility / Infertility

Date Published: November 5, 2021


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Jade Barrett thought she was living her best life in her 30s. A stable career, an amazing husband, a great group of friends, a supportive family, and a beautiful home… that is until she tried to start a family.


After yet another negative pregnancy test, her husband said,  “It’s time to talk to a doctor.” Surely she didn’t have infertility…right? Finding out that the only way she could conceive a child biologically was through IVF sent shockwaves through her marriage and life.

The Good News Is, You Don’t Have Endometriosis is the hilariously intense story of Jade Barrett’s IVF quest to parenthood and how you can advocate for the best possible care from infertility clinics.

About the Author

Jade Barrett is an American high school teacher who experienced infertility from 2017 to 2021.

She hopes to help other women and couples who are struggling with infertility through her story, The Good News Is, You Don't Have Endometriosis: How I Survived IVF with My Sanity (Mostly) Intact.

It is the story of triumph over adversity and how you can advocate for the best possible care from your fertility clinic.

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