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When Earth Shall Be No More by Paul Awad and Kathryn O'Sullivan - Book Blitz + Giveaway

When Earth Shall Be No More

By Paul Awad and Kathryn O'Sullivan


GENRE: Science Fiction (Sci-fi)


BLURB: Environmental scientist Constance Roy is one of forty-nine refugees rescued from Earth’s destruction and transported to the ark spaceship Orb by an automaton race called the Curators. Twelve months have passed since their rescue. But now, with the ship’s orbit decaying, the refugees seem doomed to crash into Jupiter’s fiery belly.

In a parallel universe on present-day Earth, another version of Constance seeks answers to the questions that have haunted her since childhood: How and why did her mother die? The head of a mysterious corporation housed at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility can give her the answers, but not without a price.

Two timestreams collide when the Constance on Earth discovers that Nicolas, her son, has the ability to save the Orb and its inhabitants. Now she must battle treacherous Curators wishing to destroy Nicolas, while on the Orb, another Constance must fight to save the ship from Jupiter’s fatal pull. Only together can they save their son – and future generations of humankind.

EXCERPT She glanced at a rocket on the flight pad, barely discernible in the distance, and stepped back from the window. She assessed her reflection, tugged at her suit jacket, and pushed aside red tendrils that had escaped from the ponytail tied at the nape of her neck. After five years as a professor of environmental science, this was the look she had cultivated for the classroom. She hoped it would be appropriate for tonight’s meeting with her benefactor.

“Ms. Roy?” a man said.

Constance spun around, startled. She scanned the room. It was grand in size and outfitted with high-tech monitors. A dozen gray mesh chairs surrounded a glass conference table. The decor was the obvious influence of corporate investors. The stainless steel elevator doors at the end of the conference room were closed. The room was empty.

“Ms. Roy?” the voice said again in a smooth tone that seemed to emanate from the walls.


“Dr. Malic is finishing his treatment. He will be with you directly. Are you enjoying the view?”

“Yes.” She studied the ceiling for hidden speakers. “You mentioned treatment. Is Dr. Malic sick?”

There was a pause before the voice said, “Dr. Malic will be right with you.”

She found the lack of specific answers and the mysterious voice’s dulcet tone disconcerting. Was the voice human? Or artificial, like Siri?


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Paul Awad and Kathryn O'Sullivan are an award-winning husband and wife writing and filmmaking team. They have collaborated on feature and documentary films, screenplays, and a web series. WHEN EARTH SHALL BE NO MORE is their first book collaboration. Paul is a cinema professor and Kathryn is a theatre professor at Northern Virginia Community College. Kathryn is also the author of the Colleen McCabe mystery series.




Paul Awad and Kathryn O'Sullivan will be awarding a $50 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly

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  1. Thanks for hosting us! We had a lot of fun thinking about the multiverse while writing this book. Have you ever contemplated what your life might be like in a parallel universe? If so, post a comment and let us know! - Paul & Kathryn

  2. Congratulations on your release of When Earth Shall Be No More, Paul & Kathryn, your book sounds like a thrilling, edge of your seat read and I like the cover! Good luck with your book and the blast! Thanks for sharing it with me and have an awesome week!

    1. Thanks Stormy! We are excited to finally have the book out in the world!

  3. I liked reading both the blurb and excerpt for this sci fi read.

    1. Thanks, Katie! Thanks for checking it out. We hope you have a chance to read the entire story.


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