Zeus by Carly Spade
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A god-king disguised as a criminal defense lawyer...

Zeus/Zane, King of the Greek gods, holds the world in his palm in both his mortal and godly form… until Hera leaves him, forcing him to uphold Gaea's clause: There must always be a Queen, or he loses his title and part of his power along with it. Time is short. Too bad the one woman he has his sights on wants nothing to do with him. Or does she?

An empath criminal prosecutor...

There's nothing Keira Bazin dislikes more than defense lawyers. So when she discovers Zane Vronti, one of New York's finest, has been brought in on her newest murder case, it's anything but good news. Tensions flare as the two immediately butt heads, but there's something about Zane she can't put her finger on. His emotions are the strongest she's ever felt--borderline overwhelming. Power. Lust. Command. Can she fight her growing attraction for him? Does she want to?

** This is the LAST book in the Contemporary Mythos series. Though all can be read as a stand alone, there are Easter Eggs for those that read in order as books intersect. **

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My Review
Zeus is the sixth and final book in the Contemporary Mythos series, but it can be read as a standalone. Having not read any of the previous books, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into with this one. But, as a fan of mythology, and of the show Lucifer, I was curious to see how this would play out. I can happily say I was not disappointed. And now I want to go back and read the other books in the series.
This one follows the big guy, Zeus, as he spends his time amongst the mere mortals, posing as a defense lawyer. Hera has left him, for good this time, but Zeus has a clause he must uphold, else he lose his power and title. So he's on the hunt for a new Queen of Olympus. And the woman he finds wants nothing to do with him. But he's Zeus. How hard can it be to make a woman want to be his queen? 
I really enjoyed this story. The writing is solid. The character relationships are engaging. There's passion and sass, and the dynamic between Zane (Zeus) and Keira is one that will make you squeal with giddy delight. It's hard not to like both of them and want to see them end up together forever.
The story itself also feels very real. It's easy to imagine the characters as actual people fighting in a courtroom, and the scenes involving the case are well done and seem like they were researched well. 
If you're a fan of Greek mythology, romance, or just well-written books in general, give Zeus a go. You won't be disappointed.
4.5 stars!

Author Bio

Carly Spade is an adult romance writer who has been writing since she could pick up a pencil. After the insanity of obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree in cybersecurity, creating worlds to escape to still ate at her very soul. She started writing FanFiction (which can still be found if you scour the internet 😉 ), and soon felt the need to get her original ideas on paper. And so the adventure began.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and two fur babies, and revels in an enemies to lovers trope with a slow burn.

Authors Website: www.carlyspade.com