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Bad Boys Don't Date Clumsy Girls by KE Strand - Book Blitz + Giveaway

Bad Boys Don't Date Clumsy Girls

by KE Strand


GENRE: YA Romantic Comedy



When the school’s bad boy infiltrates her shelter, will she lose her sanctuary or her heart?
Hopelessly clumsy Ava, is too focused on graduation and keeping both feet on the ground to have a boyfriend. She has enough to worry about with a less than ideal home life.

Bad boy Dylan can’t help but find Ava’s klutziness entertaining. That doesn’t mean he wants to date her.

When court-ordered community service forces them together at the animal shelter, Ava fears she’s lost her refuge. Dylan’s arrogance gets under her skin. And she finds it unforgivable the dogs prefer him after everything she’s done for them. A spontaneous water fight heats things up and suddenly she anticipates each meeting. But his reputation might be too much for her to overlook.

Will Ava be forced to find a new escape? Or will she stumble her way into his heart?

Bad Boys Don’t Date Clumsy Girls is a light-hearted, clean young adult romantic comedy. The first book in the Oak Grove High series by KE Strand. It will make you cringe, cry, and cackle.

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As luck would have it, Dylan Scott, the school’s notorious “bad boy,” is leaning against the tall front counter, smirking at me. I’m studiously ignoring him and trying not to think what a great story this will make for him to share with friends later.

“Ava, dear,” the compassionate office lady croons. “I have these gym sweats you can wear.” She holds up a tattered pair of blue sweatpants that look at least two sizes too big. I gag a little at the thought of them coming off the body of a sweaty boy who probably farted and scratched himself while wearing them.

“I’m afraid you’ve run us out of shirts.” Her face is all droopy with apology. “The only thing I can offer you is this one. I promise it’s been laundered. Looks like it’ll fit, though.”

I bite my bottom lip to hold in the strange mewling sound that wants to escape. “That’s my shirt.”

Dylan barks out a laugh and Mrs. Jensen glowers at him. He shrugs and holds out a hand to me. “Can you blame me?”

I step forward to snatch the clothes from Mrs. Jensen. The shirt used to be my favorite. It’s a flirty little button-up with cap sleeves. The cut makes me look like I have more of a figure than I do. But it’s as white as a fresh snowfall. Or it was until the spaghetti lunch incident. I must have left it in the bathroom after I changed that day.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

KE Strand escapes within the pages of a book when real life thwarts her own outdoorsy adventures. But her favorite escape is into a story about young love. KE Strand writes clean teen romance because she loves those heart pounding moments of having a crush. The excitement, fear, and confusion of falling in love for the first time. And the relief and thrill of the first kiss. Each time you pick up a KE Strand book you’ll fall in love for the first time. You can find her on the following social media



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  1. Thanks for sharing my book with your readers, Jasmine. Oh know...being the awesome proofreader on it! I SO appreciate your skills.

  2. Great excerpt, Bad Boys Don't Date Clumsy Girls sounds like a fun read that my granddaughter will enjoy! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a fantastic TGIF!

  3. Happy Friday! I love the cover, blurb and excerpt, this sounds like a must read for my teen-aged granddaughters and I. Do you have any specific reading or writing plans for the weekend?

  4. ha! maybe this is my problem! i love bad boys and have two left feet.


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