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Butterfly Love from Above by Melissa Stuart - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Book Details:

Book Title: BUTTERFLY LOVE FROM ABOVE by Melissa Stuart
Category:  Children's Fictions (ages 3-7), 32 pages
Genre:  Children's Book
PublisherPerformance Publishing Group
Release date:   April, 2022
Content Rating:  G - Suitable for everyone.  

Book Description:

This is the heartwarming story of one little girl’s journey through grief. After losing her best friend—a butterfly named Twinkle—Star must search to rediscover her sunshine. The loss of Twinkle has kept Star under a dark cloud for some time, but her journey towards betterment will touch the hearts of all readers! Star is amazed to discover that she can reclaim her own sunshine by helping others who are also stuck under a dark cloud of their own! And she’ll realize that her light is even brighter than before! Star’s love for Twinkle—and her pony, Luna—will show readers the beauty, joy, and healing power that animals can bring to our lives! Her journey will remind us that there is something beautiful to see when we take a moment to “always look up!”

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 My Review
Butterfly Love from Above is a sweet children's book about a little girl who befriends a butterfly. But when she loses Twinkle, Star must learn to deal with grief and find a way to escape the dark cloud hanging over her head. With the help of her pony named Luna, Star rediscovers happiness and decides to help others who may also be struggling with grief/loss.
I thought this was a cute story. It's a good way to introduce young readers to feelings and emotions that they might not understand quite yet. Grief is a hard emotion, even for adults, so showing kids it's okay to feel down and/or upset over the loss of a beloved friend (human or animal) is perfectly okay. And sometimes, finding a way to lift yourself up out of the dark pit of despair, while not always easy, can be as simple as turning your face to the sky. 
The story itself is easy to read, and the illustrations are lovely. I think young readers will connect with Star, and they may even want a butterfly friend of their own. 
A delightful book for readers of all ages.
4.5 stars!

Guest Post
“The Beauty of Butterflies and Horses”  

I think most would agree that butterflies and horses are beautiful creatures. But in my case, they became more of a lifeline of comfort and healing the past 3 years. My family had settled in the Los Angeles area after my husband had retired from the NHL. With no family or friends nearby, I felt lonely, with no sense of community. My husband was busy coaching my boys’ hockey teams and everyone seemed content except me. I found a nearby barn in town and fell in love with riding horses.

 I had been in the Fitness Industry for many years and was also hopeful I could make my longtime dream of opening my own spin studio a reality. My new-found horse community was very welcoming, and I had high hopes that by opening a Spin Studio in town, I would meet more women and feel more content in my new town.

 But all my hopes and dreams went up in smoke when my back ruptured after a day of horseback riding! Not only did I need emergency surgery, but I was suffering from drop foot and nerve damage in my lower leg and foot. I couldn’t walk normal, let alone ride a horse or even think of teaching a fitness class. Over the next 2 years I endured more surgeries.

 Even though I could no longer enjoy riding, my daughter had caught the horse bug herself. I was able to sit and enjoy watching her ride. Many times, I would look up and see beautiful butterflies flying above her while she was riding. That gave me an unexplainable feeling of peace— just being in the presence of the horses, butterflies and nature.

 Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself and focusing on my dreams that hadn’t come true, I decided to turn my pain to purpose and started writing this children's book about the magic healing of horses and butterflies. I got involved with different charities in town and found new friends and community and joy through helping others. I hope to inspire all who read my book to always look up and to help others who may also be under a dark cloud. Even if we are going through a storm in life, the best way to find our own sunshine is shining our light on others!


Melissa Stuart lives in Los Angeles, California with her family, their English Mastiff, Gucci, and their pony, Luna! Melissa and her husband stay busy traveling all over the country with their boys’ hockey teams. She loves being a Hockey Mom and watching her boys chase their dream of following in their dad’s footsteps to play in the NHL! Her happy place is with her little girl, Stella, at the barn surrounded by horses and their precious Luna. Sun Valley, Idaho is her family’s favorite summer getaway destination. When they’re there, Melissa feels most inspired to write sitting by the river, surrounded by mountains and nature! Her dream of becoming a published author for the first time came true in early 2021, as she shared her story “Find Your Sunshine” in a book co-written by 10 other inspiring authors—all of whom were sharing stories about shining their light and becoming difference makers in the world! Melissa hopes this story will inspire children to always look up. She wishes to teach them that true joy comes when we shine our own light and show kindness to others. That’s the secret to finding our sunshine!

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