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Herman Needs a Home by Lucy Noguera - Book Tour & Review

Herman Needs A Home by Lucy Noguera Illustrated by Emma Latham

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Herman Needs A Home

A little crab’s each for a shell to call home.

When Herman the hermit crab gets too big for his shell, he can’t find a new one that feels just right. With his sister, Hiro, he travels up and down the beach in search of a shell he can call home.

They don’t find a shell, but they do find something else - a pile of rubbish left behind on the sand. But can Herman make a home out of any of it?

“Herman Needs a Home showcases the challenges our marine wildlife face, and is sure to ignite the passion of young children for marine discovery and conservation.”

- Jennifer Lavers, Marine Scientist, University of Tasmania

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My Review

Herman Needs a Home is a cute children's story with an important message. It's a story about hermit crab named Herman who outgrows his shell. With the help of his sister, Hiro, Herman goes on the hunt for a new shell to call his home. Unfortunately, the beach isn't what it once was, and each "shell" Herman and Hiro find is actual garbage that Herman cannot use for a home. What's a poor hermit crab to do? This is a lovely little story with delightful illustrations that also showcase the terrible reality of pollution on the beach. It's a book that will teach kids about hermit crabs, but also how to keep our beaches clean and environmentally friendly for the sea life that lives there. It's a wonderful story that says, "Hey, you wouldn't want your home covered in trash, so please be mindful and keep a hermit crab's home clean as well. Don't litter." I think children will really connect with this book and want to read it again and again. 5 stars!

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