Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Refuge for Cherilyn by Deanndra Hall - Book Blitz




Grab your copy of Refuge for Cherilyn by Deanndra Hall

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A conservation officer. A single mom. And a growing pile of bodies …

 Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Conservation Officer Shaw Harrison is still reeling from a nasty divorce. With his ex-wife and daughter states away, he throws himself into his work, trying to numb the pain. But when he discovers a woman and her children hiding in the woods, broken, scared, and defeated, Shaw jumps into action and brings them to sanctuary.

 Cherilyn Travis will do anything for her daughters. And when she finds herself as one of the only witnesses to a murder, she knows she must find safety for her children. With a special needs child, her options are limited. Surrendering to the help and kindness of the Kentucky conservation officer is her only option. As Shaw and Cherilyn grow closer, their enemies will do anything to keep them apart.  Can Shaw find refuge for Cherilyn, or will his own family pay the price?


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