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The Princess Who Was Her Own Hero by Pedro T. Flores - Book Blitz


Children's Book

Date Published: June 30 2022

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

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This story begins when a princess wakes up from her slumber after a day of picking fruits and smelling flowers. She is in trouble after falling into a dark, sleep spell. She finds herself captive, locked away in a room in a tower. She has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom, as her father is king of the land.

In her mind she believes an army or hero will find her, so she knows she can probably wait, still instead of waiting for an indeterminate time or undefined hero, she decides she is going to be her own hero, she takes a deep breath, confronts herself and strategizes.

About the Author

Pedro T Flores has worked with children throughout his entire life. He wishes to encourage young girls, and young people as well, to find the hero within themselves, instead of hoping for someone else to rescue them. In troubling times, it can be hard for children to find agency and believe in themselves, and he encourages them to do that.


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