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An Unlikely Angel Directed by Durrell Nelson - Movie Review + Giveaway

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Movie Name
An Unlikely Angel


Release Date
August 26th

Janie is a workaholic who is falling apart at the thought of becoming a first-time mom. She whispers a small prayer for help and it's answered in a very unlikely way when an angel intervenes and fast forwards her life. Will her second chance change how she approaches life? Janie is lucky enough to be given a second chance, but will she change before it's too late? 


Fun Facts
An Unlikely Angel will be exclusively on Pure Flix starting August 26th!  

• This film is for parents who are trying to do it all and need to know they aren’t alone on the journey.

• “An Unlikely Angel” is a movie about second chances and prioritizing what’s truly  important in life.  

• The movie “An Unlikely Angel” helps bring us back to basics in an overcomplicated world.

• “An Unlikely Angel” is for someone who needs a reminder that it’s ok to not control every aspect of your life.  

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My Review
**Disclosure** Many thanks to Pure Flix/Momentum Influencer Network for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.  An Unlikely Angel is a wonderful, heartwarming film that will make you smile, and it may even make you cry a little. It's a film that showcases the importance of family, and how taking a step back from constantly being "on" all the time can be a good thing.
The movie opens with God telling one of his angels, Gabe, that he's got a new assignment. Gabe is then guided to where he needs to be, and it's there he waits...
Then we meet Janie, a woman who is dedicated to her job (maybe a bit too much) and is also pregnant with her first child. She's a bit stressed and worried she won't be a good mom, especially because she's having a girl and she was never much of a girly-girl when she was younger. She doesn't know if she's cut out to be a girl mom. Her friend/co-worker tells her to ask for help, so Janie sends up a prayer to God, who hears her plea and sends Gabe on to the next step in his assignment, his first step having been helping Janie's husband David by giving him a ride home. 
When Janie's water breaks while at work, Gabe is there to take her to the hospital. David meets her there, and together, they welcome their daughter, Samantha. Twelve hours later, as Janie is leaving the hospital, she gets a call from work and decides to rush in to try and fix things. Gabe is there once again, ready to offer her a ride. Unfortunately, there's an accident, and Janie ends up in a coma...for six years. 
After waking up from her coma, Janie discovers her daughter is no longer a baby but a little girl. And her husband has given up his residency to move back in with her father. And the neighbor woman, Kelly, may be trying to weasel her way into David's life, taking over as mama to Samantha as well. 
Janie now has to juggle being a mom, keeping her marriage together, and deciding on whether or not to go back to work. Can she make the right choices before she loses everything?
I thought this was a lovely movie. It felt like... well, I can't say what I thought it felt like, because that may spoil things. But it's a feel-good, inspiring film that involves a second chance. It's also a movie that reminds viewers that sometimes you need to slow down (or stop) and take some time to refresh with family (or friends). Sometimes it's good to just relinquish control and let a higher power guide you. It doesn't have to be God. It could be your very own guardian angel who offers you a helping hand. But we all, every now and again, need to ask for help when life becomes too much, and sometimes that help can come from an unexpected source. 
If you enjoy heartfelt films with inspiring messages, then you'll want to give An Unlikely Angel a watch. 

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