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Blitz Bullion Busters by Daryl Joyce - Book Tour

 Blitz Bullion Busters by Daryl Joyce

During the Blitz in World War II, £5 million pounds in gold bullion was loaded onto a secret, secure train in London.

When the train arrived at its destination the gold had vanished.

Eighty years later, three teenagers stumble across the mystery and set out to find the truth. What starts as an enjoyable search soon turns into a mysterious, dangerous and thrilling hunt under and through the streets of London, and a fight for their lives.

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Title: Blitz Bullion Busters
Author: Daryl Jones
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Release Date: 28th July 2022
Genre: YA
Wade Carter had made it all the way past the police van without being seen. He crouched down and could see the small dog rapidly making its way towards a ring of white posts with ‘Police – do not enter’ tape around the perimeter. If they saw him, he’d be hung, drawn and quartered.

Keeping low, he reached the edge of the large hole by some piles of earth, trying to entice the dog to him. The little dog was running around the other side of the hole, some three metres away, begging for more of the chasing game. Wade investigated the hole. What he saw though was terrifying – the policeman had not been lying. Around a metre down was a long, rust-encrusted dark object. For some reason, he half expected to see the word Bomb written on its side and hear a loud ticking. Is that really a bomb? thought Wade. The rounded end and tailfin gave no doubt as to what it was. He backed away very slowly, caught up in the moment.

The dog yapped and ran around him and back to the other side, clearly enjoying this new freedom. Wade thought for a second, before putting his hand in his pocket and pulling out his lunch. He threw the meat paste sandwich over the hole at the dog, who briefly sniffed it before gobbling it. The dog ran to Wade and begged for more. Wade put his last sandwich in the dog’s mouth, then grabbed him and ran as fast as he could back to the police van. The dog struggled but continued to be more interested in chewing than escaping. Fifty metres away he could see the elderly woman and the policeman still talking. He was glad that the policeman was facing the other way, as he silently arrived back at the barrier. Suddenly the policeman turned to his left to see Wade standing there, both he and the dog chewing.

‘What the hell are you doing there?’ said Constable Mirabelle loudly and suspiciously.

‘Me, sir? Nothing, sir.’ He put the dog into the old woman’s arms. ‘The dog just ran back to me as I stood here doing nothing, so I gave it my lunch.’ Constable Mirabelle looked back along the path towards the van and park, then back to Wade. He was about to speak, when his thoughts were disturbed by another police van driving towards them, silent but with blue lights flashing.

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Daryl Joyce was born in Andover, Hampshire and brought up in Farnborough, also in Hampshire. He worked in IT for over twenty years, mostly in London, before deciding to do something more worthwhile than switching it off and on, and so become a primary school teacher.

Somewhere before being in school at 7am and after the end of a long day teaching hordes of young people, Blitz Bullion Busters was written. Daryl has long had a fascination with the London Underground and the myriad of stories surrounding it. Working with children has also given him valuable experience of what makes a story exciting and worthwhile.

When he is not writing, Daryl spends most of his time reading about hidden places underground and watching Star Trek. He now lives in Surrey, not far from Gatwick Airport with his wife and two pampered cats. This is his first book.

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