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Dominature by Joe Belcastro - Book Tour + Giveaway

What If The Devil...Banished God...From Heaven...


Alternate History, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Date Published: 2.22.22


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Embark on an epic fantasy adventure with reimagined divine beings in this alternate telling of one of humanity's famed creation stories.

Adonai and Helel are equal and co-existing on their realm of Alegion. Together, they utilize a planetary dominion in the effort to grow an instinctual need to create and learn about their evolving powers. That is until an unforeseen clash of wills over how to govern humankind on Eden commences; and the one who remained on Alegion, is not the being we were led to believe...

Now banished to Eden, the only way to ending this conflict is for the fallen one to lure the other onto Eden where a death blow can be administered.

A methodical go-for-the-jugular war ravages the plane of humanity. Notable landscapes are explored, resurrected, and manipulated. New and familiar historical characters, along with pivotal scenes throughout civilization - remixed in this introspective, violent, self-aware, and potentially plausible, biblical-like saga.

Can any being overcome who they inherently are?


Adonai roams across a battlefield - cooling down from the intensity of violence. Stepping over and around bodies of humankind who will not rise again, Adonai sees firsthand the emotion and finality of death. Kneeling beside a fallen soldier with a glimmer of life left inside of him, Adonai feels compassion and a sadness for the situation. In a language audibly different from Alegion’s, Adonai clearly understands the fallen soldiers last cry for assistance. As the tension of the shaking body transfers to a calm weight, Adonai lays the soldier down and reflects.

Looking off to the side, the weapon the soldier carried rests peacefully. Adonai picks up the instrument of countless deaths on this land and begins to feel connected with it.

“What is that you hold, brother?” asks Helel.

“One of the tools they use to extinguish human life. A sword.”

This particular sword is profound compared to the assortment of others lying around. Distinguished, with marks of significance, it appears to tell of story of accomplishments on its refined material, even with the congealing of blood leaving its stain.

“Darkness will set upon this plane soon,” says Helel.

Adonai rises with sword in hand and blood on the knee, scanning the enormity of this bittersweet engagement saying, “Has it not already?”



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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt and Dominature sounds like a thrilling and exciting read!

    Thanks for sharing it with me and have a spectacular weekend!


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