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Peace Dreamer by Cheryl Melody Baskin - Book Tour + Giveaway

Join us for this tour from July 18 to August 5, 2022!

Book Details:

Book TitlePeace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good by Cheryl Melody Baskin
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  220 pages
Genre: Motivational/Spiritual
Publisher:  Cheryl Melody Baskin , LLC
Release date:  March 2021
Content Rating:  G  
“Cheryl Melody Baskin is one of the most evolved souls in our world and her loving way of relating to the reader will bathe you with endless possibilities and nourish your soul.” - Barbara Gaughen-Muller, President - United Nations Association, Santa Barbara, California; Co-founder/President - Rotary eClub of World Peace.

Book Description:

Discovering yourself is part of life's journey and honors the saying, “peace begins with me.” Peace Dreamer offers inspiring wisdom, life coaching, healing techniques, self-discovery tools and soul searching meaning. It helps you answer, “Who am I? What are my dreams for myself? What are my dreams for the world?”

Feed your inner spirit with hope, happiness, love, dreams, idealism and optimism even as you struggle with everyday challenges.

Peace Dreamer encourages you to never give up on yourself or the world, no matter how messy life becomes. True activism begins in our core. Our soul of souls. It begins from inside-out.

Let it begin now for you.

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Cheryl Melody Baskin's international silver medal award winner from Readers Favorite! 

Book Details:

Book Title:  Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams-No Matter What (SECOND EDITION) by Cheryl Melody Baskin
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  267 pages
Genre: Motivational/Spiritual
Publisher:  Cheryl Melody Baskin , LLC
Release date:  Sept 7 2021 2nd Ed. (Original Nov. 2019)
Content Rating:  G 
Dr. Bernie Siegel, New York Times bestselling author, says: “Cheryl Melody Baskin knows the secret to a life of wellness – living in your heart. I highly recommend this gem of a book from the heart and to the heart.”
Book Description:

Nurture your body, mind and spirit and gain insight about your unlimited potential.

User-friendly and inspirational, it is designed for anyone who has always been a dreamer, forgot their dreams along the way, or never knew how to dream. It is also dedicated to readers who want to heal and grow from inside-out and live life with more lightness, balance and joy.

By sharing my struggles and vulnerabilities, you will see that you’re not alone with your own doubts, fears and insecurities … and the abundance of self-healing and self-discovery activities sprinkled throughout each chapter will serve to guide and transform your personal journey.

Heart-Dreamer also contains the voices of wisdom from people all over the world who share their life lessons with you in one inspiring community of love.
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Author Interview

1.     As you authored each book, did your writing process change?
   When I compare my process in writing Heart-Dreamer versus Peace Dreamer with my first book, Shift of Heart: Paths to Healing and Love, the contrast is mind-boggling. My first book came easily. As a singer and recording artist, I had access to recording equipment. When I wanted to write a chapter, instead of using my laptop or writing in a notebook, I turned on my recording equipment, closed my eyes, and allowed a flow of thoughts to dictate and channel every piece of wisdom I wanted to share with my readers. The next step involved my laptop. I typed up the content from the audio version, organized the chapters, refined the flow with my editor, and voila. Shift of Heart: Paths to Healing and Love was born. Writing this book of love was an organic process. The content was ready to come out and the timing to release a first book was ideal.

 One caveat: Shift of Heart is a small but mighty book filled with heart, wisdom and life-changing tools. By comparison, both Heart-Dreamer and Peace Dreamer contain many more chapters of in-depth content and my writing process involved writing in notebooks and using my laptop. No audio equipment.

 Heart-Dreamer was an arduous process. It took over two years of stopping and starting, and sometime during those two years, my husband had a heart attack. During this challenging time, writing was my healing medicine, anchor and grounding tool. As he became stronger, my writing transformed for the better, too. To make up for lost time, I developed, improved and expanded the content night and day. I wrote countless drafts of Heart-Dreamer until my messages were clear both to myself and to future readers. Along the way, my editors gave me suggestions and positive reinforcement. Heart-Dreamer was a labor of love involving an intense and deep process.

 Peace Dreamer was motivated by the pandemic, racial injustice, political division, and pent-up emotions. It was a form of escape to write Peace Dreamer during the pandemic and it served as a grounding tool that helped balance my own feelings of unrest and anxiety. I wrote night and day, and Peace Dreamer, the sister book to Heart-Dreamer and Shift of Heart, was all I could think of twenty-four hours a day. Every page was written in real time. All my emotions, healing strategies, and spiritual insights were shared as I felt them. It took less than a year to write this book of unconditional love, and the content came from what I was experiencing in the moment and from my deeply rooted passion for peace. Peace within and peace in the world.


2.     What is the overriding message in Heart-Dreamer?
Take time to daydream every day and step fully into your dreams. Dreams are a lifeline to hope. When we have our dreams, we have all the food we need to nurture our spirit. Turn to your inner voice, highest intuition, and an open mind and heart for inspiration, direction, sustenance and hope. There is a silver lining behind all struggles. Believe in yourself, take risks and a leap of faith, and trust the mystical energy of the universe. Open both arms wide to the world and receive all the good that comes to you. Step fully into your potential. Don’t play small, hide and hold yourself back. Take small and big action steps towards each vision, honor your innermost truth, and walk towards life, love, creativity, and dreams, no matter what.


    3.  People from around the world share their stories of personal growth, healing and transformation in Heart-Dreamer. Why did you include other people in the book? How did this happen?
I am the founder and intuitive life coach of a large Facebook community called “Shift of Heart.” I call it my “island of peace and love.” 

 At some point during my writing process, I decided to reach out to this beautiful community of over one thousand people. I asked them to share their life stories of personal growth and transformation in Heart-Dreamer. Why did I choose to reach out? I didn’t want to be the only voice of wisdom. I wanted to give my readers a rich and broad experience and invite other people to join me with their unique perspectives.

 It takes a village to help each of us grow from inside-out, discover, learn, trust, love, encourage and manifest our dreams. Each participant was open, unafraid to be vulnerable, generous, authentic, honest and inspiring. They made a difference by sharing their challenges and wins and they served a higher purpose of becoming mentors and role models for my readers. Along with sharing my own life stories, empathic heart, healing tools and experiences, my Shift of Heart community gave us the greatest gift of all. Hope.


    4.     What are the most important messages in Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good?
 Never give up on yourself and never give up on your dream for a better world. When you least expect it, your life will shift. Trust. Have faith. Every moment is an opportunity for rebirth. We're always at the beginning when it comes to learning about our biases, and we are always at the beginning when it comes to healing the injustices of the world. Keep looking within, ask soul-searching questions, heal yourself, heal the relationships in your life, and continue to help our planet anyway you envision.

 All paths that embody peace and love inspire possibility, light, promise and hope. Always know in your heart that peace is possible, and it only takes one person to propel the dream for a kinder and more inclusive world. Any action we take to advocate for equality, inclusion, respect, justice and compassion will leave a lasting imprint that influences the positive actions of other people.

 Live the motto, “peace begins with me.” Be mindful of the power of your words, thoughts, actions, reactions and feelings. The more we heal ourselves, the more we heal the world. Every healing action and shift in our behavior towards inclusion, love, empathy, compassion and forgiveness creates a vibration that resonates throughout the world.

 Give others what you need. If you need love, show others love. Everything begins and ends with love. Living in a world with loving consciousness as its mantra helps heal us and helps heal the world.

 When we use peace as a verb, its meaning is simple. Peace is kindness, inclusion, compassion, forgiveness, an open heart, an open mind, self-reflection, empathy, helping each other in times of need, a warm smile, manners, and an intention of the heart to the heart to reach beyond borders and differences.

 We have the power to change the way we react to each other, and we have the power to shift our heart to love. Everyone can be a light worker amid the darkness. Keep faith in the goodness of people and don't lose hope. Set an example. Be a role model. Find a way to show the world how to be love.


5.     What is a “peace dreamer?”
 Although we are far from perfect, life is far from perfect, and the world is far from perfect, peace dreamers believe in a world that embodies peace, love, kindness, inclusion, forgiveness, empathy, compassion and hope.

 They are mindful that every act of kindness shown creates a positive vibration that resonates throughout the entire world. They do their best to live the motto, “peace begins with me,” and when they find themselves judging themselves or judging others, they shift their heart to love, acceptance and healing.

 They are courageous. They are willing to take a hard and honest look at their own prejudices and biases and make a conscious and life-changing decision to shift their mindset when needed. Peace Dreamers keep faith that they have the individual and collective power to find common ground amid adversity, shift from fear to love, and embody the core values of peace and love.


6.     What is your definition of a “Heart-Dreamer?”
 A “Heart-Dreamer” loves to daydream, is highly intuitive, transcends fear even when they are shaking in their boots, takes small risks (and big ones, too), is curious about life, maintains childlike wonder, respects their imagination and soars with it, and never gives up no matter what.

 They don’t need to know anything for sure. They are willing to experiment, fail, and try again. Their definition of success revolves around inner happiness, satisfaction and joy.

 The following paragraph in Heart-Dreamer says it all ...

 Heart-Dreamers look up at the stars with dreams in their eyes, trust in the magical mystery of the unknown, honor their truth, and embrace life with love, courage and curiosity. When a creative idea flashes through their mind, they open their heart, pay attention and listen. They know that creativity is a gift, and they call this gift a magical “wisdom-whisper.” Heart-Dreamers open their arms to all of life's unlimited possibilities, dream, and act upon their dreams. They honor their truth, follow the whispers of their heart, stand in their light, and accept all the perfectly imperfect parts of life and of themselves. They are willing to water the seeds of their delicate soul with love and compassionate understanding and they also realize on a deep level that every moment is an opportunity for rebirth and hope. Every day, they stand on their metaphorical mountaintop and shout with joy, “I am a heart-dreamer. Watch out world. Here I come!”

Meet the Author:

Cheryl Melody Baskin is an award-winning author. Her motivational self-help books include "Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good," "Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams - No Matter What" (an International Silver Medal Winner from Readers Favorite), and "Shift of Heart: Paths to Healing and Love." She is also a recording artist, performing artist, spirituality and peace educator, sound healer, intuitive life coach, and facilitator and founder of the FB community, Shift of Heart. She recently received a Life Achievement Award from The Visioneers International Network.

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